Bad first layer on a1 mini

I keep getting random spots on my first layer where the lines don’t meet each other and leave transparent areas, every time in the same spots

what do you clean your print bed surface with?

dish soap, using a soft sponge, like in the tutorial from bambu

Read This:

already did that a couple of times

They do not recommend a soft sponge. Look here (Bambu Lab Textured PEI Plate Troubleshooting Guide | Bambu Lab Wiki), you need something stronger. This default textured plate has small pieces of plastic when I look at it and zoom in. Also quite hot water. It’s the only way I managed to remove those very small pieces of plastic, and possible oils or wahatever.

If those spots were not random, then it was probably a bed leveling issue. But you said those are random, so it could be the plate (dirty), it could be draft, or filament that is not dry or calibrated.

i am having a tough time at the moment but i will try as soon as possible

also, do i have to cover the plate every time i am not printing to avoid getting dust on it?

In my opinion its only nessecary too cover your build plate if you also deem it necessary too cover your sofa when not in use (In other words no just clean regularly)

Because of that reason and also the fact that without a good first layer stuff doesn’t stick I have actually started using glue and no longer have that issue there’s a good video on YouTube about using glue where you do the cover the whole thing One Direction let it dry and then do the perpendicular Direction next. I’ve also noticed that when I increase the speed but didn’t increase the temperature first and that’s the temperature of both the bed and filament

is the harder green part of a dish sponge good for that?

I guess but depends. Some of those sponges have a hairy green part, and that may cause more problems than solve. I don’t use the dishwasher sponge anymore, I use something stronger, more abrasive, and a brush. Seems fine.