Bambu A1 Mini QR code issue

Hello First time purchaser of a 3D printer. I used to use one at my previous job alot and finally decided to take the plunge in for personal use. However, upon trying to set up my printer it wanted a QR code which I was able to bypass and do the benchmark print. However, in order to connect to my phone i need to use the QR code but my phone refuses to read the QR code mainly due to how small it is on the screen. Is there another option besides using a QR code to link my 3D printer to my phone and such? or am I up a creek without a paddle?

I think if you link Bambu Studio with the Handy app they will sync…if both accounts are the same.

I had this issue today when setting up my new mini. Spent like 10 minutes trying to get my phone to read the code. Turning on the flash helped it focus enough to read it. They definitely need to make the QR code bigger.

Had the same problem, too. The code is too small and tiny on that mini display.

Hey Bambu Lab support: Maybe you can ad an option to the firmware to show QR-Codes full screen on the whole display! That would make setup etc. much easier. :slight_smile: