Bambu filament membership is useless

What’s the point of having a free 6 month membership if nothing is ever in stock?

First month (Jan) didn’t order anything because nothing was in stock. Usually 3 colors or something for pla. This month it seems to be even worse.

Either get your **** together or unlock the rfid protocol so I can equip any role with rfid.

Not expecting anything to change seeing the useless interaction I had with Bambu support. Standard Indian/Chinese support desk responce of stringing some words together and ignoring the actual question.

A real shame as the x1c with ams is an awesome printer!

At least make it so I can reserve the roles I want in that month.

I think you are barking at the wrong tree. Membership program is good. Stocks are not so good :slight_smile: (but looks like this depends on the region - I personally don’t remember having issues with missing filament in UK.

Actually I think the membership is a scam. I’m very sure that PLA matte is exactly the same as Polymaker Polyterra PLA, which regularly is ~20€/kg. So Bambu sells the same stuff way overpriced and even with best membership price it still costs more than the original.
I assume the same is true for the other materials, but I didn’t bother investigating.

Ah ok. So maybe it’s a regional problem in the EU.

Are you sure as in you’ve tested the chemical composition or are you sure as in trust me bro?

At it’s cheapest it’s 19E/kg which in the Netherlands is a reasonable price.

Where do you order the Polymaker Polyterra PLA if I may inquire?

In between :wink: No chemical analysis. But somebody at reddit made the claim, that both have the same very specific surface texture. I had the Bambu matte and bought the polymaker to compare them. And I agree with the guy regarding the texture. I have two other matte PLA filaments and they are noticeably different from bambu and polymaker. Also the white tone is really identical while most white filaments I had in hand have subtle differences in color. Benchies printed with each are indistinguishable. So it looks the same, feels the same and prints the same. To me, these are sufficient indications, but of course it is no proof.

At least in Germany, all major resellers ask 20€ for the polyterra PLA, e.g.,,,… often some colors are at sale down to 16€.
edit: 16€ is wrong. That are prices without VAT that pop up in google. But some can be had for 18€.

I don’t think you know what a scam is.

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I wouldn’t say the membership is scam but I am disapointed as well.
When i got the mail saying im getting half a year membership for free i was very excited but like Jo1 said nothig is ever in stock.

I check the bambu shop every few days but alle the color i want are never in stock!
Also the “notify” button is compeltly useless. Once i was lucky to catch some of the filaments i needed but when the notification finaly came it was already way too late (came days too late).

Dear Bambu: I really love your printer and i love the ease of using bambu filament with the rfid stuff. But at least let us know when you expect to get new deliverier so we know if we have to wait days or months!
I know its not all your fault for shortages in delivery but a tleast inform us to when expect new stocks.

That is possible. I’m not a native speaker and tried to lookup the best fitting expression. Could you educate me?

not a scam, it is an inducement to order their 3 filaments inside the membership. And I do and have. Just ordered 4 rolls Friday of the 8 for this month. Used the prior identical filaments. Worked well. And in the US at least, they are almost 100% in stock. Near end of the month stock has been getting short. Buy or not, YOUR decision. Just no reason to complain about it.

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Apparently, scam was the wrong word, sorry for that.
But I feel fooled if the original stuff costs 20€ for a single roll, they sell it for 29€ regular, but under special conditions ( membership and take 4 rolls), then you can have it for seemingly generous 22€ (with spool to compare apples to apples).