Bambu Filament pricing issue

I just purchased an A1 Mini Combo. This makes me eligible for a free 6 months Bambu Filament Membership benefit

You can now enjoy exclusive member discounts on selected filament, starting at €18.99! For more details about your membership benefits, please click here.

However, when I go to the filament shop on the Bambu site and clicked on what I needed I saw this price of €30.24

I thought that I would get the membership price later so I ordered 5 spools that gives us €18.99 x 5 = €94.95

When I proceeded to checkout, I noticed that the price was based on the standard price multiplied by the quantity with a 40% discount = €111.20 that is a €16.25 difference.

I have checked my account and I do have the Bambu Filament Membership.

So what happened to the special membership price ?
Does somebody have an explanation ?

And I just saw this too :

But if you use this calculation you will see that €21.99 (with spool) x 5 makes €109.95 and not €111.20… All this is not well explained on the initial order page.

I got a reply from Bambu, they are working on a fix. Hold of ordering for now was their advice.

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Thanks, Adonlou !
I will wait before ordering. Any idea when this fix will be effective ?

Is there any new information here yet?

Maybe Adonlou has the answer ?

I’ve been corresponding with Bambu support for days about this. They don’t seem to “get it”. My account shows the membership but I don’t get the discount. They just tell me I can have the discount if I order with the same email as my X1C purchase.

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I think that they have corrected this. They now show the corrected price of €21.99 (with spool) at check out.
However some colors are missing (the ones crossed)…
Beside the color itself, is there a différence in quality between the Basic and the Matte ?

It turns out the discount does not appear until you have gone all the way to the last page of the checkout. There, where you enter your payment information, the markdown will appear.

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Last info (last week) was that the issue still persist and it will take some time to solve…

I just tried it again, its not applying the Filament member price correctly!

Not good…

Again a week passes bye and no solution nor do they keep you updated.

Bad business…

Same problem here, I find it disturbing that you see one price and you get a different price when you order . I hope I get refunded on everything that I’m due. I’m not ordering any more until this is fixed. Now I’m shopping other places for filament. I wanted to stick with Bambu but I’m not real happy with them right now.

When I order some filament the discount for membership is calculated before checkout.


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Heb jij een B2B account? Do you have a B2B account.

If i purchase without VAT deduction pricing is correct. But not for me now I loose 19% vat discount

Ik heb geen B2B account. I don’t have a B2B account.

Right nd that’s the difference. B2B has issues :frowning:

I think this is a Bambu Lab site general issue.
For example, I have been charged €25 for shipping of a A1 mega combo instead of €13, by the site.
This was a mistake and I have been refunded €12.
We must be cautious : some items prices chage during the proccess of ordering.

Yeah, you only get 8 rolls a month of PLA only. So, I’ll order the PLA from them 8 rolls and that’s it.

I can get the exact same or equivalent from other places for way less than their normal price, and maybe $1-2 more than the discount price. So, once I hit 8 rolls for the month, I just ignore the store. Plus I don’t have to buy $200 from other places to avoid shipping costs.

To me, the Filament section of the store feels petty.

For B2B, you will get a refund for the extra cost - of course, communicate the issue to BL and wait for their “fix” before buying.


is this what BL told you?

Not word by word, but yes.
To me and others with the same issue, which relates to some changes in the B2B procedures resulting in two accounts.