Bambu Handy cant find the printer

I have a P1 connected (wifi) to my Macbook. My iphone runs the Handy. It has now stopped working and cant find the printer. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it. It still says it cant find a printer. They are all on the same wifi network. The app says I must scan the Qcode. I cant find a Qcode. I have searched through the options on the small screen but nothing. Any ideas?

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Many thanks, your explaination does sound easy.
My “manual” , that little Quick Start booklet (still have it😎), does not describe re- finding the Qcode and I didnt want to mess up an otherwise good connection between pc and printer.
Appreciate the fast response and I’ll try that out.

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Yeah the manual doesn’t have anything for re-finding the qr code. I just meant that the only way is to retrace the steps as if it were a new printer.