Bambu Handy (iOS) will not connect to camera or SD card on X1C

After upgrading my X1C to, Bambu Handy will no longer show me the camera or the micro SD card from the iOS Bambu Handy app. Oddly, it does connect to the printer, as I can change simple things like turning on a fan or the LED light. It also shows the correct current status of the temperatures, fans, etc. However, when I try to connect to the camera or the micro SD card, I get:

connection failed [-12]

As suggested in other threads, I unbound the printers, deleted the app, reinstalled it, did a bind operation, and things are still in exactly the same state as before - connects to printer status and controls but not anything requiring more bandwidth like the camera or the SD card.

Note that connecting to the X1C from my Windows desktop using Orca Slicer or Bambu Slicer works properly, so this appears to be an issue with the Bambu Handy app or the servers.

I also can’t view my camera on X1C after new firmware, I have selected europe as zone. I also can’t view it in the beta bambulabs studio from github.

I get Loading failed [-90] and Loading failed [-10].

From the logs I can see that “region=us” is used for the connection string for camera. I think this might be why it’s broken. Even though I selected Europe in settings.

I’m having the same issue after this update. anyone have a resolution yet?

I just unboxed the P1S Combo today and can report the same issue here as well. I was able to see the camera through the app until I did the firmware update. I lost the ability to view the camera and to access the SD card in the Handy app, but can still do other functions as Rom3oDelta7 states. I also get the 'connection failed [-12] error.

Same issue here on my X1C, works fine in Bambi Studio on my desktop, but will not connect in the Handy app. Has anyone had any luck fixing this?

I was having the same issue with Bambu Handy on Android. Power cycling the printer fixed the issue temporarily but it’s back again today. This is a problem with either the new firmware or their cloud service. No permanent fix is available yet as far as I know. I’ve reached out to their support and after offering the default troubleshooting steps they effectively said “there’s no problem on our end, wait for an update”. Obviously with the uptick in posts like these this is starting to become a widespread issue.

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Mine stopped working today. It doesnt work on my Android or on my desktop connection. I have reset everything and no luck. Hopefully there is a firmware upgrade coming.
I also have always had the problem of the camera in the app wouldnt work when I first open the app but I could close it and open it back up and the camera would work. Has to be a bug in the code.