Bambu Handy issue with blank camera feed

Juts the last few days I am noticing an issue when viewing my p1S camera in the app. Nothing has changed and I have done all possible but no luck getting the live view to work . Must be the Bambu cloud service. Any thoughts . And yes logged our logged in rebooted forget network. Deleted app abd re installed . Nothing.

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Did you check the flex cable connection? Maybe the camera died an early death.

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Same issue. Camera works in Bambu Studio, but does not through the app. This has been at least three days for me.

Not sure when I updated the Handy App last.

Same for me, the camera dosn´t work in Bambustudio or Handy app

Same here.

To fix it I have to close the Bambu Handy app then reopen it.

Same thing for the with my P1S. I have to close and reopen the app every time. No issues when doing the same from Studio.

Same here. X1C printer. I have to close app and then reopen it.