Bambu Handy: Video only starts again when restarting app


I’m using the Bambu Handy-app on my iPhone to watch the satisfying video of my printer doing things :wink: I got the problem that when opening the app AGAIN, the video often will not start playing, instead the wait-cursor appears and wont go away. I have to fully “kill” the app and restart it, then it works immediately. Any ideas what the problem might be?

Having the exact same issue as well. Almost every time I want to view video I have to kill the app and restart. The progress and ams information does stay up to date even when video doesn’t work.

Having same issue. Need an answer as well.

Same here. Restarting fixes it but I shouldn’t have to.

Same here. Android version.


Same issue. Anyone found a fix? Has it been acknowledged by the Bambu Handy team?

Same issue, strange thing is, i had the issue on my samsung android. then the issue somehow magically was gone. Now i have a new samsung s24 ultra and the issue is back again. maybe its some strange android setting.

Normal. Nothing to worry about.