Bambu Lab filament refills

I just want to know why I can’t buy refills for all the colors of PLA or PETG on a refill order. I have enough spools already to use. I’ve got 14 at least. So I don’t need a new one or anything coming on a spool anymore from Bambu but I can’t get all the colors they offer because about half are not offered in a refill! Come on guys, all or nothing!

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Simple: they dont have Refills. Not for all colors. WE have to live with that sadly

Well my long winded question was basically… Why the hell not? Lol

THAT you have to ask Bambu diectly. :smiling_face: I dont understand it too

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Business 101…
There is not enough demand for it. Since there is no demand, they won’t produce that color till ordered.

That’s just it, they do produce the colors. But on spools and not for refills. So I think your argument is invalid.

Like I stated - Business 101 - not enough ‘DEMAND’ for those colors!

When order comes in, then they produce that color - easier to put on spool (speed and out the door).
Why make filament that’s low on demand and put on shelf till bought - that’s money sitting doing nothing.

I cant demand If it is on Spool. My demand for Refill instead of onSpools IS there. They simply dont satify my demand.:rofl::grin:

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Exactly! Offer it and we’ll buy it! Cause that expensive stuff on a spool is just going to sit there lol

Exactly. I would suspect that Bambu has fairly substantial minimum order quantities for each colour/packaging of filament to be price competitive. For the slower moving types it doesn’t make sense to carry a bunch of stock of both refills and spooled filaments.


No Refills, no Buy.

Very simple for me. I dont need more Spools to throw in the Trash.

It makes No sense for me.

So no flow of goods. No earnings for Bambu.

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