Bambu Lab Filament Spool Switcher & Winder if you use AMS

Purely mechanically controlled filament winder for Bambu Lab P1, X1, X1C or X1CC 3D Printer.

Available on for free…

How it works:

…and how to assembly it:


Thank you for this. It’ll open up filaments we have been avoiding, due to the cardboard spools!

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This looks aweome. I have some spools that dont fit in my AMS so will check this out when i can. Amazing work :clap:t2:

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Well designed and for once a usable practical piece of engineering thank you


Great work! Any chance of modifying or creating a larger donor spool holder to fit 3kg spools?

Thanks for the hard work already put into this design!

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Hi MK, I have printed two 200mm discs 3mm thick with a 30mm center diameter hole and take the refill filament packs and fit them between the two discs with your Bolt and nut arrangement to spool to a suitable filament holder that works in the AMS. I am also looking at slicing your bolt and nut to remove the support for the filament support roller frame and then the modified filament holder should also fit straight in the AMS making it a work around to de-spooling every roll of non Bambu Lab filament.

I decided to add a motor to my setup and designed a 3Kg spool holder that can apply some resistance to the donor spool and keep the winding tight.


You can usethe thumbs crews for the resistance to keep the wind tight.

I chose to use a drill instead of a permanent mother.

It is a fantastic design for sure.

Very clever. Any build plans for this?

Thanks! No real plans for it. I mounted it all in a storage bin so I can just put it on the shelf when I’m not using it. Pretty convenient in that regard.

Might replace the motor with a 550 brushless for a little more grunt. I’d like the spool really tight but the current motor taps out towards the end of the winding. Also need to redesign the filament position gears since they aren’t quiet tight enough.

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Yeah, I want to do something similar with mine in a tub so I can also just put it away like yours. Right now I don’t have a good way to store the two pieces, and your solution is genius.

I meant do you have build plans so I can make one for myself. :joy: I’m not smart enough to figure out what would be needed from a parts/electrical standpoint, but I, pretty good at following instructions. :grimacing:

Ohh! Ha, I guess I was being dense! I can PM you the files for the motor mount and spool holder I made along with the motor controller, motor, and other bits. Pretty quick little thing to put together and I can walk you through it. I’ll send it over tomorrow morning.


Hell yeah. I really appreciate it. Make a new thread so everyone can check it out. I will for sure build it when I get some spare time.

I ended up reprinting the carrier sled part on my spool winder, cause it was skipping. There is a remixed file that people say fixes the issue. I also got some long M3 screws in today to make a couple of the axises stronger, so hopefully I can get it rebuilt pretty quick here.

How are ya’ll adding resistance to the donor spool? I have read a sponge, but it seems to get sucked in and thrown out eventually. Read about screws to adjust, but where and how? Thanks in advance.

The 2 screws that hold the PTFE tube in the oscilating feeder… if you tighten them a bit more, they create friction and tension on the filament, to wind it tight.
Be careful to not overtighten.
The feeder spool does not have a brake though, so if you stop abruptly, it will keep spinning and make a mess.

I just put my hand on it, as I don’t need 2 hands for the winding spool mechanism.

I love mine. Made it out of leftover PLA so it’s a variety of colours but I have respooled 4 rolls now just using the hand winder and it has worked well but I found that the bearings were working out of their positions so I used crazy glue to hold them in place. I also had to glue the hex shaft ends into the worm gear as the left hand one kept working out. I also printed one for a friend using Eryone PETG CF which looks spectacular.

This donor spool holder looks really nice. Have you had any trouble with plastic wearing away? Does it solve the problem of keeping the filament tight?

That’s cool! especially after hand winding filament from one spool to another because the reusable spool came apart.

Sadly, probably wouldn’t have been able to use it on the eSun spool that the filament kept jamming on. The factory windings were screwed up. Actually had to push the filament backwards at times and unwind it a couple of turns to be able to continue.

I’m late to this party, but would you mind sending me your build information as well? This is super neat!


First of all, let me say that I greatly admire your creation. It’s practically a work of art. And you’ve done a great job of demonstrating it on youtube.

I did have one question though: given how inexpensive stepper motors are these days, did you perhaps consider eliminating most of the gearing and using two stepper motors? One for the spool winding and one to do the back-and-forth motion. The end result would be the same, but maybe it would be simpler?

Any thoughts on this matter?