Bambu Lab Liquid Glue is now Available and we are giving some away!

We are happy to announce our brand new Bed Adhesive Liquid Glue with Easy Applicator which will be available to buy in all of our stores at an introductory price!

The Bambu Lab Bed Adhesive Liquid Glue is an adhesive specifically developed for 3D Printing, suitable for materials such as PLA, ABS, and PETG on most surfaces, including our Cool Plate, High-temperature Plate, and Textured PEI Plate. It allows for constant and strong adhesion while printing to avoid warping, provides the perfect separation layer to remove prints once cooled, and is easy to clean off!

To celebrate the release, we are giving 50 individuals the chance to win a bottle of Bambu Lab Bed Adhesive Liquid!

Giveaway Closed winners being notified

Learn more on our store page. Liquid Glue for Build Plate ( PLA/ABS/PETG ) | Bambu Lab Global


Store page link is broken

From the pictures I have seen of the bottle and examples of use, it sure seems to be Dimafix. I use Dimafix, but it is more for higher bed temperatures than are described here as it “releases” when the bed goes below 60C. Maybe it’s a different formulation.


Done !

I never use glue or any other product but I like Giveaway :slight_smile:

Me too! :slight_smile:
I would try it for ASA though, mine is hard to get off.

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Sounds interessting!


I don’t have good luck but might as well give it a go lol

Plus I’m interested regardless of if I need to pay or get a freebie

Is the giveaway over? I cannot reach the giveaway.

Sorry, forgot to update the post here my bad! Yes, edited that it is now closed. Winners being notified.

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Bummer, thanks for the update Will.

Why is it so expensive?

I got one Bambu-Liquid-Glue with my X1CC and it´s easy to use helps sticking even tall and small tower-prints and is really easy to remove prints after the printjob.
It is similar to Magigoo, but not the same, little more “sticky” than the PLA-ABS-Magigoo Version.
I clean it after print with water, works perfect.
The price is OK, compared to Magigoo, and you get 60ml instead of 50ml.
Definitive better than the regular glue stick, I never use this one as there always are visible marks on the print.

How does the Bambu-Liquid-Glue compare with Vision Miner’s Nano Polymere Adhesive?

The Bambu-Liquid-Glue is less expensive, which is good, but the critical question is: does it perform better, worse, or the same?


I have no idea how the Vision Miner glue performs, but the Bambu glue does its job on the Bambu sheets. Never had any adhesion problems.

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Always a dollar late… just finally ordered the x1c on the 27th…

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