Bambu Lab Mega combo price & shipping fees

Hello all,
I purchased the A1 combo when it came available on October the 16th.
On second thoughts, I decided I wanted the Mega combo because it offered the hardened steel hotends, which I did not see in the accessories section. I thought they would be usefull with some filament types.
So I cancelled my first order and made a new one for the Mega combo.

Something I do not understand is why the shipping price has been modified. It is now €25 instead of €13 as with the standard combo ? There was no option to change this.
You can see the proof below. Any idea how this can happen ?


I’m guessing because those extras have to come in a seperate box, so an additional shipping cost.
But it does seem excessive that it’s an extra 12 euros for that small box.


I’m going to guess it’s got to do with the weight difference.

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Maybe. It could be so because they do not want to open the original conditionning to fit the extras in. On the other hand, in my first order I added an extra plate with no extra shipping cost.

As for the weight of the extras, I think it is negligible.

oh i see now that the mega combo is pretty much the same thing indeed.
Then a separate box makes sense (agreed that it’s a bit costly).

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This might be an issue of logistics : you have one shelf with standard combos boxes and one shelf with the extras boxes. You mix them as needed to ship the mega combo.

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Yeah + i’ve been told they have several warehouses that they ship different things from.
I get the annoyance though; 12,- almost get’s you another spool of filament ghehe.

For next time, perhaps it’s better to wait to stock of that items and purchase separately catching the free shipment at 55€

This is the Mega combo package. If you buy the same elements separatly it will be more expensive. I have checked.


$50 difference between the two, $60 if bought separately…so saving $10 goes right to shipping…I guess.


I refer to that yes :slightly_smiling_face:, and with the spanish prices the difference are less than 10$ :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, I did check again.

If we consider that the free shipping fees apply for purchases above €55, then buying the same accessories of the Mega combo separately, comes cheaper than the Mega combo itself.
So Espariz is right.
But please check by yourself, maybe I am mistaken.
I thought buying the Mega combo it was a good idea at first…


Shipping for the Combo to the US was $20 for me.
But taxes were $40…so.

This is what I paid in September for he mega combo to germany


But just my A1 mini arrived the rest still not there.

You ordered the first batch from Germany and I ordered the last one (October 16th) from France…
Shipping prices differ for different countries in Europe.

I did submit a ticket about this issue.
I wait for the answer.

I just received an answer to my ticket : They refund €12.
So I was right with the shipping fees.

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They should refund you 10 EUR more :slight_smile: I paid Combo for 551 with shipping to germany.

Actually when I ordered the Mega Combo it said that extras coming via separate delivery. Glad you got it sorted though.