Bambu Lab P1P - Coming Soon

Meanwhile, a new 3D printing experience is brewing in Bambu Lab prototyping laboratory…

Bambu Lab P1P


Limited space for dual belts, and a front to back steel rail in a very similar arrangement to the X1 suggests a bigger version of the X1C, and probably no IDEX

Clearly a glass top the same based on the reflection


If it’s just a bigger X1, that doesn’t seem all the interesting. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure many people would love to have a bigger X1 but I dunno that it needs all the secrecy just to say: “Hey, here’s the XL-X1.”

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Well that got boring fast.


Wonder if it’s supposed to be a budget version of the printer?

Doesn’t look like it has a top, maybe no AMS support? The screen looks smaller and given the physical navigation buttons probably isn’t touch screen. Possibly not even a front door??


How did you get this picture so far? I was thinking it would be a dual extruder version or a larger build plate but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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It’s an official navbar image from Bambu’s CDN

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No side panels, no door, no top glass, smaller, simpler (and much cheaper) screen, no cable chain, no micro LiDAR, maybe no camera, probably no aux fan, likely no chamber fan or carbon filter (the door will just still be there so they don’t need to produce a new mould for the new plastic piece)

The big one is will it have AMS support or not? If it does then it’ll likely decrease X1 sales, and it would be a little weird as the AMS can’t sit on top, so I suspect it won’t.

I anticipate that it will be priced agressively to be a CR5 competitor, and the X1 (non-carbon model) will stop being sold.


Posted all the leaks on reddit, here’s the link:


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I have to say that despite the fact that I think so many poeple were hoping this would be some super fancy big printer or an IDEX (yeah I wanted that), I’m super happy that it is what it is.

Obviously we still don’t know the pricing, but I’ve wanted to recommend the X1 series to so many people where it’s just out of their budget, where it looks like this P1P will fit into most of their budgets more easily.


I’m glad! I can’t afford another 1k but If this can compete with Enders or something that would be nice. I’ve never taken my glass off but you already have so much draft coverage. I also recommend this all the time. Trying to get one at work to replace my lulzbot taz. The one at home prints enough to replace two Enders.

A video has been somehow published :

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Well the breakout box makes things a lot more interesting

I curious what that could possibly be… On off? Sliders for each? Switch?!? Inquiring minds want to know!

Just like the community named the poop chute, can we call that thing the DJ controller?

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May be DJI Controller :upside_down_face:

Oh look, more undiscovered teasers!
We have a goal - making everyone’s journey as easy and enjoyable as possible, and that’s what the aim of the Bambu Lab P1P is

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The Quick Start manual gives a bit more information too.

The 5V 1.5A USB charging port seems a curious addition. I guess with the simpler screen there was power budget left over.

Bed now limited to 100C according to the manual, which is interesting, presuming it’s the same part as the 110/120C bed on the X1 series.


In the manual we can that it supports ams and that it 256x256

Price revealed… $ 699