Bambu Lab PETG Basic is now available!

The wait is over! Our new Bambu Lab PETG Basic is now available to purchase on our store. :partying_face:

There’s also a Bambu Studio profile available for translucent prints, in case this is something you want to do.

Can’t wait to see what you print with it!


In the description it says that it’s watertight and you can make water bottles. Are these for human consumption though? Or just for gardening type use?

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It doesn’t state it’s FDA approved. Maybe stick to Target/Walmart for purchasing your plastic drinking cups.

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That’s what i figured.


Ok, 2nd question.

It says on the page that any nozzle will work but then on the printing tips page it says 0.8mm.

I ordered 8 rolls before i saw that. Now, if i want a new nozzle, I’ll have to pay for shipping.

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That is only a recommendation for printing the transparent as clear as possible


You meant the “Printing tips for transparent PETG” page, correct?

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Ok, thanks. But I wish it had been more clear on the main page. Cuz I did order transparent.

Pun intended.

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The “Printing tips for transparent PETG” page shows the settings and sample output for an 0.4 mm nozzle. So, if that’s what you’re using, you should probably expect similar results.

And then the documentation also states the output should be even clearer if using an 0.8 nozzle. However, they don’t provide the recommended settings for an 0.8 nozzle.


The settings for transparent PETG should be a pre-loaded profile in bambu studio. I mean, c’mon!