Bambu Lab PLA Carbon Fiber with NEW Colors and a limited-time sale!

Get ready to upgrade your 3D printing game with Bambu Carbon Fiber Filaments!

We’re excited to announce new colors for our popular PLA-CF filament, which are Lava Gray, Burgundy Red, and Jeans Blue.

With enhanced stiffness and strength, the Bambu PLA-CF new colors can help you create prints that look as good as they perform.

For the next 72 hours only, enjoy up to 22% off on all our carbon fiber filaments, including the new PLA-CF colors.

Shop All: ​Shop Carbon Fiber Sale at Bambu Lab Global | Bambu Lab Global


Thanks for the info. Definitely going to check them out. By chance, do you know if Bambu will offer multi-color filament anytime soon? I am trying to find some “Sunset” filament (Yellow → Red → Dark Red transition) but not having any luck.

Does anyone else have problems with cookies? I am using Opera GX and I can’t see the other PLA-CF colors. Is this a known problem?

If I go into private mode, I see them, and also I can select them. With my mobile phone it works as well.

got one of each color. stop doing promos!


Yet again… I just couldn’t help myself. add to cart


Same. I like the promo stuff but literally got the color lithosphain kit and a week later we get the CF… Not complaining but if they do another promo next week… I might have to pass until payday lol.


I bought one of everything Plus the three new colors of the pla CF.

I’ve never printed with petg but I’ve heard it’s pretty nice. I have the carbon fiber petg but again I haven’t used it yet.

I’d like to see some regular petg options.

As well as a deeper purple in PLA matte for that perfect rainbow.

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Ok Bambu! I blame you! This stuff is amazing. I love the way this looks! I’ll post pics at some point.

I’m gonna need more colors!!! I’m doing this for the looks and not for the properties of CF… And this stuff just looks… Amaizing.

I ordered a roll of each color on a whim because it was on sale. Now I’m hooked.

I look forward to seeing how your prints look. They looks like great colors!

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They stealth added green and only a few hours after I ordered more CF PLA lol… Oh well, I’ll be ordering more soon enough.

Any official word on more colors? I’d like to request the following.

And a bright white

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aww dammit. i would have added the green to my order.

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Same, I ordered nozzles and a roll of blue and red. Went to check on shipping and saw the green and was all… Damn! Oh well, next time.

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