Bambu lab X1 carbon cuts through infill

I have a fairly new X1 Carbon (<6 month old) and I noticed already quite a while ago (over several firmware and bambu studio versions) that the nozzle cuts through infill. Whenever the nozzle crosses a line of infill it cuts right through it. You can even hear the rattling. It is not just that it cuts through the junction of where the infill crosses, but often it also cuts through whatever infill is in the way when it moves from one end of the print to another. It seems like the infill is not considered a barrier.
The less infill is used, the more unstable the connections. This happens with different types of infills (default grid and others). Once I printed a part with 15% adaptive cubic and the nozzle broke entire wedges of the infill away. In most cases this will be hidden in the inside of the final print, however, in this case there was no support of the layers that should have been printed on top of it and the print was ruined. Unfortunately, I didn’t make a picture of that one. However, here some pictures with default 15% cubic sparse infill. You can see where the nozzle has cut through the infill:

0.4 mm nozzle, 0.2 mm layer height, PLA prints ^^, consistently observed with default settings.

I have the feeling this must be an issue in the slicer software.
Has anyone else experienced such trouble?
I didn’t notice such issues shortly after I bought it. Maybe a month after I bought the printer (~ June/July) there was a firmware and studio update and I had the feeling that the base speed of the printer increased on the cost of the quality.
Shortly afterwards I also started noticing the rattling when printing infill.
Maybe the print head is moving faster than the bed, which causes the infill cutting?

My current bambu studio version: (currently the latest version)
Firmware X1 Carbon: (currently the latest version)

Should I open a support ticket?


This is normal behaviour. Most people use another infill pattern such as gyro to avoid this issue.


Thanks, good to know!
I asked a friend who also has an X1C and he never noticed it either.

If you search the forum for “grid infill” you will find lots of other users that have encountered the same thing.


Gyroid :smiley: Best EVER! :smiley:

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