Bambu Lab X1 Series Firmware Release

🚨 New Firmware 1.04 for X1/X1-Carbon and AMS🚨

This firmware brings with it optimized thermal runaway protection for the hotend, improved security in LAN mode, cache cloud print files to SDCard and much more

Check out the full list of improvements:


Awesome to see the layer status in the device tab! hopefully I don’t have to test the thermal runaway :slight_smile:

Layer status is great, but it does not work. The total amount of layers is shown, but the current layer is not updated?


and the operating hours counter works :pray::star_struck::partying_face:

Yea might be a issue with the firmware. Nothing will stick to the build plate in pla only thing change is firmware.

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Printer ran fantastic since the day I opened it (Oct 2022). Then all of a sudden with the new firmware update (that I installed yesterday) I get an error for force sensors 1/2/3 detect unexpected continuous force and the printer is a complete brick now (can not print anything)

Same here, directly after the firmeware update and 2 calibration rounds nothing had stuck. PLA, 0.6 nozzle, cool plate. raised bed temp to 40-45. Helped a little bit. Finaly I changed the nozzle back to 0.4 calibrate it and now it seems to stick again.

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Just received this printer and used for 10 hrs so far. Slowly noticing areas of improvement. Id love to see a power off feature on the screen as well iOS app.

Select filament profiles and calibrate flow accordingly for each and every type of filament so accuracy is at its highest.

When calibration is done to 1 type and color of filament then color changes occur the results are lost.

Please fix ASAP as this kinda make the LiDAR and flow calibrations redundant and not so much useful as they could be.

*Enable a flow calibration feature to perform a flow test when a new spool or type is inserted into the AMS

*Once finished profile and results are then saved and stored within the Bambu Studios App or system memory/SD to allow user to not rerun calibrations on already known and tested filaments unless wanted.

I see a great future BBL please don’t hesitate to ask the consumer for help and insights on your printers. We can only make you guys better!

Thank you