Bambu PLA-CF and PETG-CF with AMS? Yes or No

I have just purchased Bambu-Labs own PLA-CF and PETG-CF but am a bit confused! It states clearly that both are suitable for use with the AMS but I am now reading a lot of posts where it has caused excessive wearing within the AMS to the point where errors are being reported!!!
Can someone please advise what the state of play is with these filaments, will work parts be replaced by Bambu Labs otherwise I will send them back for a refund due to the missleading sales info!!! ( I don’t want to do this but I don’t want to screw up a perfectly working AMS either!!! )

I don’t know there is a straight forward answer other than Bambu Labs says it is supported. However I have noticed wear to the yellow first stage feeder gears after only a little use of the PLA-CF. I do a lot of switching between using the AMS and an external spool for TPU, so I am not bothered by feeding CF filament that way too if need be. I would expect Bambu to stand behind their equipment through the warranty if supported material causes a failure, and after that at least the parts are very reasonably priced and straight forward to replace.

I can’t say that I have decided personally if I will do much CF feeding through the AMS unless I have need for it in a multi material print…

This topic is much dated, but I wouldn’t return the filament. For me it printed great and looks awesome. However, there is confusion when Bambu states it’s AMS comparable then the printer displays a message that says it’s not a good idea to use with AMS.

My recommendation is to dry the filament per instructed; do use a hardened nozzle; do not use AMS and print PLA-CF to your heart’s content. There are many other options/colors for AMS usage out there.

Bambu CF is made to minimize the abrasiveness of the carbon fibre, but it will eventually wear out the gears in the AMS and you will have to buy replacement gear assemblies. Even if you don’t use CF you will eventually have to replace the gears, but it wear out quicker if you do a lot of carbon fibre.

I have used both, I find PLA CF too brittle but PETG-CF is good.

I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are using a large amount. Just make sure you dry it in a filament dryer to minimize the wear and prevent filament breakage. If you want to use a large amount, then buy some replacement gears and tubing so you have them on hand when they eventually wear out.

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