Bambu PLA Metal Alternatives?

I got myself a roll of Bambu PLA Iridium Gold Metallic and I am really liking the look!

I personally find that it looks a lot better than Silk PLA, because the latter looks too much like “shiny plastic” but this Bambu roll has more of a matt & metallic sheen to it.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for 3rd party filaments that also have this metallic sheen? I am not looking for PLA with metal particles and not Silk PLA? Bambu filaments are not always in stock and these metal stuff ain’t that cheap when not on sale so I was hoping to have some alternative options.

For you reference I included a picture that shows off the Bambu “Iridium Gold Metal” (Conan) vs. Voxel Lab “Gun Metal” Silk PLA (Hairy Lion).

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Maybe not what you were asking for, but spray paint cans + any old filament would produce the same finish.

I’m interested to hear the recommendations, I’ll be back! :smiley:

Metal fillaments?

Virtual foundry is nice. Here’s a 90.2% copper test print done on a P1S. Making a upgrade kit to allow the use of printing with metal fillaments. Gotta tweak the settings but first print of the new start g code and spool holder.

Completely different approach which provides a cool effect - Rub-N-Buff wax as a finish, see this video for a great tutorial:

Yeah that would work but it is post processing so not what I am looking for …but it’s a valid option. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t thinking of real metal or metal-filled filament (all decorative stuff)… but this is cool anyways so I will definitely check it out … thanks!

I guess if someone needs to print real metal parts at home, 2K is not that bad for a Kiln vs a metal printer that costs tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Hatchbox Metallic is pretty similar, I found. I was using the Bronze in that line before picking up Bambu’s Iridium Gold. It certainly reminded me of one another, although the Iridium gold is a bit more uh, well gold. Iridium gold on top, hatchbox bronze on bottom. They both have that pleasing metal like feel!

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Thanks, that’s the kind of stuff I am looking for! Are those actual prints you made with Hatchbox?