Bambu, PLEASE add a "Send to all printers" button

I’ve got 15 Bambu Lab X1 Printers in a farm currently, and I’m planning to replace my Prusa farm and have 100 of them by July, there’s just one problem…

It takes FOREVER to send prints to 15 of them let alone 100 of them.

I usually print in batches, all of the same part/gcode. I’d really like a way to be able to send to all connected printers, or at least have some sort of bulk selection so that I only have to make 3 clicks instead of 300.

If you’re looking for more ideas to make life easier for us humble Bambu Farmers:

  1. A video wall that displays all connected printer’s camera feeds at once (not full res of course)
  2. A way to send pre-sliced Gcode to all printers without needing to be in LAN mode (Idk if this is a bug currently or just not implemented)
  3. Access control for printers, being able to share certain printers with other Bambu Studio accounts would also be nice.

I am now up to 25 printers and it just gets harder and harder lol

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You must have some good funds to own 25 printers, with that said, hire someone to create a temp app that will automate this for you for now. I am sure there are ways around it right now, like running some macros to do automation.

I also have a small farm with auto prints and remove with my ender 3v2s. They might be slow but I can sleep and not have to remove any prints until the filament is done. Using Octo and plugins. I can’t wait to do the same with my Bambu.

please add this, i got 50 Printers now and this would be a good feature!

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Geez, and I was excited about buying a 2nd X1C. :smirk:


I’d like this feature as well! Only have 5, but it still takes a bit to send the same print to each.

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Would love to know what you’re printing and what materials with that many printers. It’s inspiring.

I wonder about your general power supply. Having 100 Bambus start their prints simultaneousely means that 100 heat beds draw about 1,000 Watts each at the same time. 100 Kilowatts would burn the main circuit breakers of most buildings – it would at our house despite it being rated quite a bit above average (we have 80’s-style electric heating and two electric cars…). Just curious whether you have this covered yet…

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I just got 4 for the time being but still I’d love a “send to all printers” button so count me in! :raising_hand_man:


I agree with your idea, it is too much hassle for me to click one by one send in all the printers.

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BambuLab!!! Please implement this! It would be a LIFESAVER!! :slight_smile:

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clicking print 50 times, every time has got to suck!

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I would love this feature to,
“Send to all Printers/Print to all Printers”

Seems Orca Slicer would be the easiest place to institute this feature. There was a request to add this back in May but it didn’t seem to gain any interest or traction.

The people with 50+ printers who are “begging” for this feature should be in a position to pay a developer to add this to either Bambu Studio or Orca Slicer. The software is open source.

For the individuals too frugal to go this route, you might consider a bandaid fix of using mouse clicking software like AutoClicker.


I also support this request as I need this functionality for a small print farm.

this would be a life saver

Just thought I’d add a +1 here.

I’ve been testing some p1ps and this has been an annoyance. Even Qidi Slicer has tick boxes to choose the printers you’re sending to. I’d like it to be taken a step further though, with printer groups. So you can just tick off the groups you want to send file/print file.