Bambu Shipping and customer support are the worst

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That said, this is a community forum and has very little if any interaction from Bambu especially if related to individual orders.

It’s been my experience that once an order is placed it is very difficult if not impossible to change it.


Yeah, I am now a “Basic” user after replying to this post, so that particular gripe is probably moot. Honestly, my initial reply was not intended to sound so…whiney. After reading it, I think I failed at that. I had noticed a few threads before replying where users claimed that someone from Bambu reached out after they posted on this forum. I was simply trying to expedite that process due to the impending ship date.

Regardless, the General Inquiry support link being broken (at least from my end) still seems to be an issue that should be resolved ASAP. I would assume that is the correct path to getting the sort of Support I am seeking. It would at least keep replies like mine from randomly showing up here in another thread and taking up space.

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:How horrid is Bambu support?

I have been waiting three days for a response from Bambu Support. To me, this seems unreasonable.

How can a company with such well engineered products keep its reputation with such horrific support?

I purchased two X1c printers, which seem to be great products. On one of them, the AMS stage 1 motor for slot #2 is dead. I sent in a support ticket, along with the log file, and I did extensive testing, such as power cycling, loading and unloading filament, etc etc. (When you insert a filament the light illuminates but no motor feeds.) To me, this is as simple as a warranty replacement of the first stage motor.

But no response at all from Bambu. Just silence.

Everything up to this point has been perfect. A wonderfully designed machine that produces consistently good prints. But no customer service?

Oh, and I found it quite odd that the One Year Warranty specifically excludes the first stage motors…they only get a 3 month warranty. How very odd. Does Bambu know something about these motors and their [lack of] reliability?

The “Warranty” from Bambu is useless. You cant get a hold of the customer support. And if you do manage to get any kind of reply from them, it seems to be a copy paste script of no value. The few replies I got from them basically were the same response of “We’re working on it please wait”.

I love the printer, but I fear that if anything happens to it that I cant fix it’ll be a boat anchor.

Hopefully they figure out their customer service soon, otherwise I have a feeling they’re going to start loosing a lot of customers.

I’ll agree with you. Customer service is the industry worse. Slowest response times and even when told exactly what the issue is…what needs to be done to fix it. The untrained people have no idea what’s going on and after a month just say well we don’t know so guess that’s it. Shipping times are not really that bad. I had some stuff come as you would expect. But I also had stuff they said was in stock take very long because it was not in stock and Bambu lab for some reason must lie about everything.

Customer service won’t ever be fixed. They been saying oh next month…oh next month. They always got an excuse because again. They have to lie I don’t know why but they have to. I tell people. If you buy one you are buying it as is. There is no warranty. You might get someone who makes up a “spec” that results in a replacement part but most of the time they say it’s within spec. But they have no spec and this was proven with the warped beds. One user had 1mm of warp and he was out of spec for a replacement. One guy had a soup bowl for a bed that was 5mm off. They said it’s within spec and would not fix it. So anything between 0 and infinity that’s the spec All dapends on if that person feels like fixing it. And some times they can’t. You tell. Then and show them exactly what’s wrong and they say oh I don’t know what wrong …that’s all nothing can be done. And this is only going to get worse and it has been getting worse not better.

Shipping is hot or miss but I always gotten my stuff in an acceptable amount of time or early the. Expected. Customer service is absolutely horrible In the slow response times are fine. But the fact that they have absolutely no spec at all for anything but they claim they have a spec but can never say what the spec is because it doesn’t exist and the fact that the lie consistently combine that with the amount of data they collect and the shady things that they do just makes the company absolutely horrible. But again I’m not really surprised I mean I would honestly be shocked if they didn’t do it.

BL already started to lose clients, despite having one of the most advanced and user friendly 3d printers on the market today. Stating that their Customer Support/Service sucks, is an understatement. No matter how BL top brass wants to justify it (or hide it), the undeniable fact remains, and is already widely known, that their current customer support is a bad joke, and that hundreds , if not thousands, of their paying customers that are completely dissatisfied with the manner in which their legitimate requests for support are handled. What blows my mind is that BL’s top brass appears unaware or unconcerned with the impact of such level of users discontent on their market and on their customer base, as well as the impact on BL brand, credibility and reputation and ultimately, on their sales.

Stop being hyperbolic. I’m sure if Bambu was bothered by losing the type of clients you claim they are, they’d fix it.

In the end, it’s all about dollars. And from the constant out of stock items in their store, I don’t think they’re really worried about losing a couple of crybabies on a forum as customers.

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You mean Bambu actually has Customer Service? Wow! That’s a surprise to me.

I turned in a trouble-ticket ten days ago, with detailed information including log files. It’s been ten days and I have heard nothing whatsoever from them. Absolutely zero.

They quite possibly have the worst customer service I have ever experienced from any company.

They probably should have farmed their customer service out to India.

I just received a huge order of Filament the other day which also included a Filament Sample. That is it was supposed to include a filament sample which I paid for. It wasn’t in the box. On telling Bambu that it was missing they have given me 50k of hoops to jump thru. My box labels my order and all their associated Order#.
It was ridicules what they want. It was a missed item FOLKS. Looks like from now on its only stuff that can’t be purchased from someone else. Buyer Be Ware People

Our company ordered an XI Carbon with AMS and it arrived damaged, but the imprint on the box was subtle, and was not noticed by receiving. The side cover is severely dented and the interior frame is bent. We have not unpacked it any further, as it may not even operate properly. It’s been over a week since we contacted Bamboo and still no response. This is certainly the last time we ever consider Bamboo. All our engineers will likely tell a few friends etc. Everyone who comes into our office asks why there’s a partially unpacked printer on the table. This is bad for Bamboo’s reputation & long term business.

Considering the increasing number of complaints and frustrations expressed by so many users on the low quality customer support, and long-term waiting times for a response from BL on them, and the fact that BL’s management is fully aware of this problem yet nothing has been done to remedy this, I kinda doubt BL is interested in, or focusing on maintaining it’s business reputation and credibility. Strangely enough, despite many have heard already from various social platforms or forums of this major problem, the first time customers, mostly private individuals first timers on 3d print, are still flooding in and placing orders for BL printers. That’s mostly due to the user friendliness of BL printers, allowing first time users to simply unbox, plug in and start printing immediately (plug and play). Remains to be seen how long this trend will last, especially now, when BL competitors are picking up the BL approach and come out with similar or (somehow) improved versions. We’ll have to wait and see how it ends.