Bambu Shipping and customer support are the worst

I’m very frustrated right now, I love my printer, but anytime I order something it seems its a 50/50 chance if I’ll see it or not. I ordered a second AMS, several weeks ago and the tracking shows that it can’t be shipped because too many shipping labels. I’ve contacted FedEx and they’ve told me because I’m not the shipper I have to contact Bambu. Which I have, Bambu’s reply was "Wait longer, if no update after 5 more days contact us again. We’ll its been 2 weeks since and I haven’t gotten a peep out of them. If anyone has any suggestion on how to get ahold of these people I’d love to know, otherwise I’ll have to contact my bank and have them Dispute the charge.

PS this isn’t my first time dealing with them messing up shipping. I had ordered the Hub separate a week ago and it still hasn’t shipped, and my father ordered a AMS last month and went through the same thing (He just got his AMS, after being told it was lost).

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I placed an order today and 2 hours later I got the shipping label and conformation it was send. German warehouse.

I have ordered two on two separate occasions and intend to order a third in the next month or two. That will give me four with the one that came with the X1C. They print the label which they claim is shipped but that’s not really how it works. The box will sit until the shipper picks it up or it’s delivered to them. On every one I’ve ordered, they send an email to me giving a tracking number. The tracking won’t be active until it’s actually shipped or scanned by the shipper. And they don’t work on weekends or holidays. I’ve gotten my large items within a week to 10 days. But none were ordered during any major holiday period. That alone might add a week or two.

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I understand the holidays and weekends. When I ordered my X1C it came in 4 days (which impressed me). The second AMS i ordered was Dec 10th. The tracking shows it as undeliverable because it has to many tracking numbers?, and Bambu isnt helping any with finding out why. They just want me to wait to see if it moves. Which the tracking hasnt changed in the last two weeks (Since it showed “Shipped”).

Well its looking like I’m going to have to dispute this with my bank. 10 days since I’ve last heard anything from bambu and still 0 change in tracking. Sure love when someone has $400.00 of mine and then just stops all communication.

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Sure it would serve them (BL customer support) a well deserved and long awaited lesson if more users would do the same, through their banks, and force BL management to take decisive corrective and enforcement actions with respect to their very low qualified personnel and almost nonexistent (read execrable) customer support service.

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They may be on backorder. I ordered my fourth on January 3rd and BL said they should ship in 10 days. When I checked my Discover account for the payment, it said $1 so that was just a verification of the account. The total for me was $397 and some change but wasn’t charged to the account yet. Give them the time they ask. When they do ship, it gets here pretty quick and I’m in the middle of nowhere in South Texas.

They’ve had my money since Dec 14th. I feel like nearly a month to ship something from California to Arizona is more than enough time. I realize it “may not” be Bambu labs fault that there was an issue with Fedex (though I have my suspicions that Bambus shipping department isn’t doing a fantastic job). The point is that its taking over 3 weeks and the problem still isn’t resolved yet. All they can tell me is to keep waiting, so far I’ve gotten 3 replies all of which say thank you for your patience were looking into it. It takes all of 1 minute to track the package and realize there is an issue. I’m glad you’ve had good success getting your packages, but for me loosing out $400.00 with no product, nor any support for said “lost” product for nearly a month just isn’t how I do business.

Mine comes out of Austin, Texas which is about 100 miles away. According to the BL site, they don’t have them in stock yet. And I wouldn’t even count the last 15 days of December. Even Amazon had trouble delivering during that period. BL doesn’t charge your account until it’s shipped. Did you actually check your account? If it has been shipped, it’s on the shipper. Perhaps in that 50-auto pile up out west.

Not to be rude, but if you read my first post I said it had shipped on the 14th of Dec. Yes they have already got my money for this. Yes I agree it may not be Bambu’s fault that something happened after FedEx took the package. I don’t disagree with any of these statements. My problem is how can a multimillion dollar company not have the resources to resolve this problem. Either contact FedEx and figure out what’s going on (which I’ve personally dealt with FedEx in the past on similar problems as the shipper and it doesn’t take 3 weeks to figure out the package is lost or not), or simply reshipped the product, or offer a refund if no product is available. But for them to simply say please wait 5 days, and not reply for 10-15 days is simply poor customer service.

Sorry, I guess I missed some of the details. When they shipped mine, they gave me the FedEx tracking number as part of the notice of shipping. What does that number say? If it hasn’t been updated or give a location, it may be sitting in a FedEx warehouse somewhere. If that’s the case, get your money back.

But I can tell you, they’re not in stock yet.

FedEx shows package undeliverable due to multiple shipping labels. I’m working with my bank to get my money back, but I have to wait 30 days for the bank to step in.

Well, speak of the devil. I just got an email from BL. They gave me my FedEx number. Apparently, they’re back in stock. Good luck with yours.

At least some of you have been getting shipping notifications. I ordered the X1C combo and Ecoflow bundle. I’ve gotten my filament and spare parts and the ecoflow EXCEPT the X1C and zero update from CS. I ordered on 1/1/24.

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I think its safe to say Bambu is severely understaffed and unprepared for the volume of sales they’ve received the past few months.

Some Items ship from Texas. I have had split shipments from Texas and California.

I have not contacted Tech Support on anything so far. In the US, is the support handled by people in Texas or China?

Setting up service and Customer Support in the US would incerase sales here, especially for commercial use of their printers.

My AMS arrived today via FedEx. It came from California. It was manufactured/QC stamped 11-14-2023 so they did a good job getting it shipped to the states, handled in the port of entry and stocked by Bambu Labs. I can’t imagine anyone doing any better than that.

I wish you guys speedy receipt of your items. :+1:

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That’s pretty cool that they made it, shipped it and got it to your house in less than two months. Through the holidays!


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Well 41 days after my AMS “shipped”. I finally gave up and contacted the bank. The last response I got from Bambu was on January 8th saying that in two business days they’d be shipping a replacement. Then on January 15th I get a notice saying they’re closing my support ticket and asking me to review their customer service. Still never got a tracking, or any kind of confirmation that they ever shipped a replacement. So after giving them another week just to make sure it didn’t randomly show up I called the bank. Bank took care of it in less than 24 hours.

Id say if you have any kind of support issues with Bambu, just plan on not getting anything from them and contact your bank/credit card to get a refund.

Very disappointing, I really do enjoy the printer. But I don’t think I’ll be ordering much of anything unless I absolutely have no other choice from Bambu any more.


This entire thread is a disheartening read. Even more so because I came to the forums as a last resort to see about modifying a current (as of yet unshipped) order from a standalone P1P to a P1S w/ AMS combo. AKA, I am simply trying to give Bambulab more money as quickly as possible and could not find a way to do using the store or support options.

I can’t even seem to make a new post about it for some reason. I can only reply to existing posts with no instructions on how to become eligible to create new posts.

In addition, the “Submit a Request” link under the General Inquiry section of the main Bambulab store page simply times out.

So, if anyone at Bambulab is reading these responses…feel free to reach out, I have an extra $400 to give you with absolutely no way to do so at this point.

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