Bambu store

How do I contact Bambu store? I have a problem, I am not getting the discount I should be. I sent an email to support in the store but I have not heard from them.

Bambu Lab is familiar with the problem. They recommend in another thread to hold on and try again later.

That’s what they told me last week as well… Today’s check…not solved.

2 Nov still no solution…

Hi i also just ordered my first X1C Combo,
just wondering when i can expect my order to be shipped for EU Germany. Order was made on 24th Nov.

Great way to get new customers excited is when they find out they ordered the wrong thing and were mislead by a combo deal that said P1S thinking it was X1 Carbon and Eco Flow together. Then not be able to contact anyone to change it before it ships. I don’t want the P1S. I don’t even need the Eco Flo thing. But it was a combo and mislead me. Only just after the 2 hour window to cancel I realized it wasn’t the right thing and I can’t cancel or talk to anyone. Bambu Labs has no customer service at all.