Bambu Studio Bug Reporting Thread

new fonts dont show in bambu studio
i have installed a new true type font i can use it it in all windows software
not in bambu studio 1.4
reinstalled bambu studio , restarted the pc , no new font visible
windows 7 pc bambu studio

I’m getting the same after BambuStudio crashes my computer mid-slice

Not sure where to put this but the internal file for the dual color film sticking tool is a total mess. It has layers going over top of other layers on the same layer. Just a total mess. Destroys the nozzle and print bed. It should be removed or fixed immediately.

Problem: Pause doesn’t work in “Print sequence/By object” mode
Studio Version:
Platform: Windows 10
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Bambu Studio
  2. Slice a model with “Print sequence/By object” mode
  3. Add pause on layer 2
  4. Start print, doesn’t pause
  5. Clear build plate
  6. Slice a model with “Print sequence/By layer” mode
  7. Start print, pauses fine.

Hello I am currently running into issues that my commissioned print is failing repeatedly due to not adhering to the bed I have cleaned/flipped adjusted heat ect but it will fail 90% of the time I have including some photos that the STL will not adjust with the raft be it 1mm or 100mm it stays the same size with or without supports while the other picture shows that a different STL can adjust just fine. Is there a way to fix this STL or fix the bambu slicer that it will adjust the raft when its set to the different MM I have gone though 3/4 or a roll of filament so far just trying to test different options, I am trying not to lay it down due to keeping the surface free of rough spots and saving time with sanding and also letting me print 6 at a time vs 3… any guidance would be helpful

Problem: Part cooling does not resume appropriately after pause.
Studio Version:
Platform: Windows 11
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Bambu Studio
  2. Slice a model and insert custom gcode M400 U1 at a layer to pause.
  3. Resume the print and notice that part cooling does not resume immediately causing distortion.

Other information: Detail, pics, and testing in this thread - Another Filament Changing Issue - Bambu Lab P1P / Troubleshooting - Bambu Lab Community Forum

I am experiencing that same issue now for the first time. How do I fix it

I am experiencing the same issue. Do you know a fix

After the Update today 4/26/2023 usa Bambu Studio doesnt print when sent to print, after i slice the file and click on print plate it pops up the screen everything is normally says it sent successfully and changes to the device page but doesnt. Nothing happens I was able to find it on the printer sd card and print from there but it doesnt start the print like before. The only way i was able to print was from the sd card on the printer.

I had the exact same thing happen. Just updated the firmware and then sent a print with studio. The print did not start but was on the sd card. I like the fact that it went to the card but I wanted it to start also…

@that-jim Have you tried again recently? The status page is showing services are working again

I’ve filed them through MacOS, but almost every time that I quit Bambu Studio I get a Kernel Exception error. Hopefully Apple is passing them along to you, but there is nothing in the local Logs to indicate the exception, it seems it happens after the app closes.

Mac Studio - M1 Max
MacOS Ventura 13.3.1

Sorry, BambuStudio v

Some settings maybe not accessible in other languages than english!

Please note that some translation are longer than in native english and therefore kicking buttons out of scope.

Here is one example where the plus button for the height range settings got lost:



Using V1.6.2.4 with Win11

Problem: Changing filament during pause at layer height hangs at “Confirm whether the filament has been extruded”
Studio Version:
Platform: Windows 11
Steps to reproduce:

Open Bambu Studio
Slice a model and insert pause at desired layer height and send model to print.
Printer pauses at desired layer height
Click ‘Unload’ button via Bambu Studio and swap filament
Click ‘Load’
‘Heat the nozzle’ works
‘Feed new filament from external spool’ works
Bambu Studio is now stuck at ‘Confirm whether the filament has been extruded’ and the temp goes down to 142 degrees. Unable to raise temperature. No notification box popups.
Unable to raise temperature via P1P Control panel.
Unable to resume print.

Cancelling the print will then only display the message 'Please observe the nozzle. IF the filament has been extruded, click “Done”; if it is not, please push the filament forward slightly and then click “Retry”.[07FF 8007 121829]

“Spiral Vase” option gives ridiculous error.

When it is selected after object was cut in to two, but sill has assigned same material for both parts.
Error message reads:
“Sprial (vase) does not work when object contains more than one material.”

This is ridiculous as object only contain one material.

Problem: Slicer messes up with spheres
Studio version:
Platform: Linux

I’m having problems with spheres in step files. I’m attaching a sample that has a vertical cylinder with a sphere fused on top and a rectangular keyway on the side. Here is how it looks in “prepare”, note the sphere at the top:

Here is what happens when I slice it, notice that the sphere is missing:

I have the slice slider at the top and all layers selected:

Step file:
3MF file:

Problem - 3mf file loading failed to open in Bambu Slicer. - “The file does not contian any geometry data”

Studio Version
Platform Windows 10

Steps to reproduce

1 open Bambu Studio
2 open project Caleb Board.3mf
3 get The file does not contain any geometry data. error

Not a bug, but an unwanted “feature”!
Since Bambu Studio steal focus. For me, who is using virtual screens, it is a very annoying function which make Bambu Studio shows up in the screen I’m working in!
Please remove it or make it selectable.

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Problem: Bambu studio cannot send files over LAN/WIFI to device.
Studio Version:
Platform: Windows 10 pro
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open bambu studio
  2. Slice file
  3. Choose send instead of print file

And then you get following error

And that is very much an incorrect error message as the device sits on the same VLAN as my computer just using the WIFI instead.