Bambu Studio - Can´t load created Filaments into AMS

Hi All,

since some days I can´t load created filaments into the AMS System in Bambu Studio.
I am 100% sure, that it worked already!!!

Further Problems:

  • I can´t save the k-factor depending on created filament
  • After sync the AMS, the filaments are wrong

I have the same problem in “Bambo Studio” and just discovered that it works in “Bambo Handy”.
If you have entered the custom filament in AMS in “Bambo Handy”, it will appear correctly after a “Resync” in “Bambo Studio”.
This seems to be a bug in “Bambo Studio”!

I just started having this problem after having run 500 hours error free. I submitted a ticket to tech support, but I do not expect a timely response.

Thanks, user_1993965926 for the info on using Bambu Handy to configure the AMS slots. That’s a lifesaver!

Seems like a Bug in Bambu Studio?!

I don´t like to usw the Handy App for every change of filament

you need to select the filament in the slicer, the AMS Settings are only a hint. It doesn’t matter.