Bambu Studio crashes/closes when opening a recent or new file

Started this AM. Trying to prep a bunch of models and every time I save and open a recent project, the program gets about 80% done loading the the program closes.

Anybody else?

Process -
Open BS
Open recent project
Send to printer
File/Recent/Select file
Save or discard setting changes - discard
Loading xxxxx_xxxxx.3mf*
—Program closes—

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Maybe you could try BambuLab Studio fork by Softfever. For me it seems, that the fork is bit more stable… GitHub - SoftFever/BambuStudio-SoftFever: A forked version of BambuStudio

Does the SoftFever version support the PrusaSlicer Plugins?

What exactly do you mean?

Hi, greatings from Germany, today i download the BambuStudio, everything was okay, if try to open „recent object“ my Windows dying.

Can you open a new project? I think I just quit trying to work that way.