Bambu Studio + Hardware Feature Request

Sorry if someone has already suggested these improvements but here are a couple of things that would be cool to see in a future firmware update:

  • Printer network compatibility with enterprise/office WIFI networks that require a username and password. Not sure what the technical term for this type of network is but I believe a lot of companies (mine included) use this type of network in their offices. Home networks only require a common password for that particular router. Every user of the network at my work needs to enter a unique username and password to connect. There is currently no way to enter a username for this type of network on the printer. I could see lots of companies buying like 10 X1’s for a fraction of the cost of a Stratasys machine or similar if network connection and security were figured out.

  • Bambu studio saving the previous values for all the checkboxes in the send to printer page. I usually dont run time-lapses and often dont run bed leveling or flow calibration so having to uncheck those for every print is a little inconvenient.

  • Would be cool if the rotate part function had a snap feature you could enable. Ie: while rotating part it will snap in like 45 degree increments or something. I think Cura does this. 99% of the time when im rotating a part, i am trying to rotate it 90 or 180 degrees. I know i can type the angle into the box up in the corner but just snapping straight to those angles would be nice.


Could you please share more information such as the protocol that used in company? WPA2 Enterprise is one of the protocol?

this will be added in next formal release

you can use the rotate tool(inside circle to achieve similiar function


Thanks for the reply @rocky.chen. We have had to jump through a ton of hoops at our office to get this printer on our network and our current workaround is unreliable. We use WPA2 Enterprise and 802.1X protocol. It would be great if the next firmware update was compatible with this protocol. We are a large, Fortune 500 company (so lots of security and red tape associated with adding devices to our network). We aren’t allowed to just add a standalone router or access point. I imagine lots of other big companies have similar network challenges and would love to get their hands on these printers.

Thanks for the help!

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Thanks! That’s my top learning tip of the week! :grin: :+1:

We have exactly the same problems as @jsonnett. At the moment, we only have a stopgap solution that cannot be used permanently. We also use WPA2 Enterprise and the 802.1X protocol. Are there any plans to support this protocol?

Thanks for the help!

I have the same issue. I have the Bambu Labs P1P and it does not look like it supports WPA-Enterprise at the university that I work at.

Considering 3D printers are used heavily in educational institutions (where nearly all use WPA-Enterprise protocol), I would love to urge Bambu Labs to consider this in their new firmware update asap!


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+1 for inclusion of WPA2 and 802.1X protocols

The lack of these protocols means purchasing at scale for enterprise or educational contexts is not viable.

It would be great to have this included in a firmware upgrade.

+1 also for the WPA2 and 802.1X
The printers are much more functional when online so I’m sure plenty of large institutions could benefit from this.

How about intelligently figuring out when flow calibration is needed vs when it’s just a waste of time so we don’t need those check boxes at all.

And while we’re at it, also keeping track of what build plate is in there. We share the X1C with multiple other users and it gets swapped a lot, so I often have to raise the bed up on the camera to read the text on the build plate to set it correctly in the slicer.

We would like to see the networks with usernames and passwords supported too, can’t use any of the network features at our school because it won’t accept a username. Only way we can see the printers is if we use our personal computers and phones as hotspots, which is silly. Would not have bought three printers if we knew this was going to be the case. Not positive, but believe our networks use the WPA2 protocols.

+1 WPA2 and 802.1X

Since the lack of Ethernet, its hard for enterprise/university/enthusiast users to connect the printer.

Agree with WPA2! This is an absolute must for the education market - I’m assuming this still hasn’t been implemented a whole year on as I received my printer yesterday and there’s no option for enterprise networks. Unless I need to do a firmware update?
PLEASE add this functionality…

Feature idea: Don’t know if this has been mentioned prior but changeable wall loop count with paint brush, similar to support placement?

I don’t need 5 wall loops in the red area, however screwing these holders to a wall, I don’t want to crush the part so i need to have 5 wall loops all over, whilst keeping the part light. Would be cool to paint areas of high stress/load to have more wall loops. Not sure how this would work in practice - maybe 2 loops would split into 4, and then 1 of those 4 would split into a 5th approaching the area that’s painted. Would be a nice feature for us in engineering disciplines I think.


We would also like to use the X1C in an enterprise WLAN for an educational institution. We are experiencing the same difficulty as described above. Is there an approximate timeframe for when an update will be available?

WPA2 support for username and password would be exceptional. A new 3D printing lab is in the works, and they could be kitted with X1Cs if this is the case (educational institution UK).