Bambu Studio showing blank screen for login (Windows)

I got my P1S yesterday and wasted the entire evening trying to get Bambu Studio the let me log in.
Searched far and wide but none of the ‘solutions’ like fixing the Windows Media Player worked,

In case other new users struggle, here is what finally worked for me:
YOU NEED Microsoft Edge and the corresponding Webview installed and able to get through the firewall!
Bambu Studio conveniently ignores whatever you have as the default browser and ONLY accepts Edge for the web related content.
The issue will be obvious if you check the online models in the app and get no preview either, just a white space.
The old trick of changing languages was fixed with a new version of the software.
For the 1.8 it is the Egde/Webview issue…

It would be nice if Bambu Lab would specify all the hidden requirements to get going, preferably in the form of a printed manual coming with the machine.
Cloud services are great - for some, for the rest it means having to be online and never really knowing what happens to your data.
Yes, you can go without cloud but why not have this option from the start ?

It seems Bambu goes the same direction as Meta with their VR headset - no chance without account AND verification.
YES, it makes sense to check for firmware updates…
But something like a 3D printer SHOULD work OUT OF THE BOX.
Can’t setup the machine without a phone that has QR capabilities and an internet connection.
Can’t use the desktop software without first having an account.
And if you then finally get to the point and the software only give you a white page…
Having to use Windows does not mean EVERY user agrees to have Edge installed on their system…