Bambu studio support generation

I wanted to print this horn but haven’t been able to since the supports aren’t generated correctly the horn kept detaching from support as you can see in the picture no matter what angle I put on the threshold angle of the support settings, no supporting inteface is generated between the whole surface of the base of the horn and the structural support. Pictures are surely more understandable, I want the whole custom supported aera to be covered in support interface (dark green) but not Support (light green) anyone has the solution for me ? Thank you and happy printing to all of you.

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As you found out keeping a model attached to only support material isn’t easy.

I would suggest trying a different approach. Cut the model in half (with the cut tool) and print each section with the cut face towards the bed. Then glue the pieces together. That will will give you the cleanest part and no support needed.


That is a way of doing it for sure but i prefer having the supported area being bad in surface quality rather than having a cuting line in the middle of the print.

Isn’t there any solution to increase to increase the amount of support interface (dark green) ?

There has to be a way to solve this.

Have you tried using the support painting tool?

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Yes as you can see in the first picture blue is supported area and red non supported area I painted it I tried without painting just automatically support on steepest threshold angle support but nothing on that side either.