Bambu Studio won't open on Windows 10

It started crashing ‘sometimes’ when attempting to open in Windows 10. Now, it won’t open AT ALL. I have tried uninstalling (incl. App Data and registry folders) and reinstalling. Cannot restore Windows to and earlier time. Even going back to an earlier version.

Not Resolved, HELP!

It isn’t easy to help with so few details.
This seems to be a Windows problem, and the fact that the registry was edited increases the number of causes.
There are many experienced users, so providing further details will increase the chances of help.
You can start by describing when it began and all actions carried out and checking the logs (windows) to identify the error ID.

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There are a ton of variables that could be at issue but let’s go over the basics. BL studio heavily relies on basic windows programs like edge webview2.
Or windows media player for the camera.

Have you run any cleaner /debloating programs? They can nuke edge and cause issues. What was new when the program started crashing/failing. Windows update, installed or removed any programs.? Anynew hardware installed?

If you know a bit about windows you can go into event viewer and see what had errors or crashed before BL studio crashed.

you mean, it won’t open AT ALL, is not enough? gosh, man, figure it out!

Not resolved, HELP