Bambu X1 Carbon mods

One of the most interesting mods i’ve seen has been people adding internal LED light strips. Do these have any impact on the effectiveness of the lidar or camera scanning processes?

If you are talking about the same mod, to the best of my knowledge, no.
The only drawback mentioned was regarding warranty void.


I saw some people conplaining about the lidar showing some errors because it is of the brightness inside the chamber. Some solved this issue by adding a switch to the led so you can turn off during the lidar reading and turn back on when printing.

I think there is information on the wiki about the new expansion board. It could allow controlling LEDs from G code so they could be turned off during LIDAR use.

I am not an expert on sensors, but if I recall correctly, a LIDAR uses its light, so other light sources shouldn’t affect it. I have a led focus outside the printer to see the inside at night without turning all the lights. It is often on during the LIDAR calibration and never receives an alert.
Let’s see if anyone with better knowhow disagrees or clarifies it better.


Some events fail silently, so you cannot determine success on a LIDAR scan solely on the absence of an error.


You may be right… I do not have access to the logs, so I cannot check them.

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And now with the new autocalibrations, we can finally see that indeed, the LiDAR doesn’t always work and the machine picks a default value.

I found a intresting smart LED mod with some limitations.