Bambu X1C keeps self pausing

My X1C keeps pausing regularly on its own with no intervention, I check the screen and it says, “Are you sure you want to cancel” or something around those lines. I’ll say no and sometimes it goes on and will repeat itself later, sometimes it repeats itself immediately within seconds. I have no idea what to do lol.

I have lots of other Bambu printers with no issue, so at a loss.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Upgrading to latest firmware

  2. Downgrading to the last firmware

  3. Local only (disconnecting from the cloud)

  4. New microSD card

  5. Factory reset (multiple times)

  6. Cleaning the screen

  7. Power cycle (multiple times)

  8. Try different files, different computers (same results, same files work fine on any of my other X1Cs or A1s)

Things I intend to try next:

  1. Disconnect the screen, see if it’s just sending false commands?
  2. Burn it all

Open to any suggestions. Someone on FB mentioned maybe the buttons in the front are faulty? Nothing sits up there so nothing is pressing them.

Maybe where the manual switches are making connection on the PCB are not properly seated. Or unplug them as of eliminating possible problem.

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Did you try any of the ideas I suggested in the other thread?


I did, I unplugged the front buttons entirely, I unplugged the screen as well and the issue continues :sweat_smile:

I did give that a go, unfortunately no go. Disconnected those and the screen entirely to see if they are contributing and it froze in a print at the 3rd layer and the 8th layer. Pressed resume and we are on layer 34 now. :crossed_fingers: Only thing I’ve done different isn’t take the lid off lol. I don’t see any correlation to why that could be causing issues. Maybe heat causing a short somewhere? It’s a stretch but idk lol

A bad solder joint can cause the same problem. Heating it up or cooling it down. You never know.

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Unhooked this bad boy entirely and it’s printing without issues now :slight_smile: Thought I had it unplugged before but it was shorting out still causing issues. Taped it with electrical tape and all is good!

Obviously can replace it but I don’t use those dumb buttons anyways so just leaving it unhooked lol.

If you want to still use the chamber temp sensor then follow the traces back from the button and find out what wires are connected to them and depin those wires from the connector.