Bambulab AMS 4+x

Please make it possible to print Multicolor Objects with more than 4 AMS Filaments.

At the moment either the AMS or the external spool can be used in the print job.
It would make sense for the external coil to work together with the AMS as a full manual slot. It is currently not possible to print multiple colors via external coils. The printer does not stop to change the external filament.
Changing from AMS PLA to external TPU is also not possible. This is very bad!

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Do you know how to insert GCODE?

Yes, I know how to program GCode but that is not a practical solution. It is also not a solution to pass off TPU filament as PLA.

That is the job of the slicing software.

Even a 2nd AMS doesn’t help.

Hmmmmm…ready to ditch a crappy slicer then? Download OrcaSlicer TPU’s are unlocked. Bambu isn’t going to change their minds on TPU’s or CF’s in AMS’s and since it won’t happen they won’t entertain it. I know you understand why they won’t given the nature of certain materials

The thing with the AMS and the TPU isn’t nice but it’s ok.
What’s not ok is that you can’t use the AMS and the external slot at the same time.

Yes, I have already seen the Orca Sclicer. But it could be that Bambulab updates the software faster and more often.

AMS Filament
1 PLA Black
2 PLA White
3 PLA Blue
4 PLA Neon glow

extern Spool Holder

ext PLA Silver
ext TPU

Apparently it doesn’t work anymore after 2 firmware updates.
AMS and external printing.

The pop-up window shows it.

Also in the Orca Slicer.

Still works fine with the last update, maybe do a wipe and complete reinstall

The error remains. It is no longer possible to print the AMS and an external filament. Just either or.

Software has been completely removed. Printer has been reset to factory settings.

The problem also occurs with the Orca Slicer.

The printer being reset doesn’t do anything to fix you’re issue with your computer and why you seem to be stuck without options using Orca when the newest Beta 1.7.1 was released yesterday and added even more filament profiles, in it.

I use the latest beta from Yesterday.

The choice of filaments is not the problem.

I cannot send the print job to the printer because the “external” filament is not assigned to a slot (external spool).

Deleting and reinstalling the software didn’t help. OK.

So it’s probably a problem with the filament profiles.

That’s why I didn’t select my profiles but the Generic Profiles for the AMS.

But I still can’t
send the print job to the printer because that
“external” filament is not assigned to a slot (external spool).



You’re right ! I thought I had already printed externally + internally at the same time.

One can only hope that the AMS + External Spool function will still come.

So it’s not a mistake but a suggestion for improvement.