Bambulab app cannot hook up after inactivity (Android)

Hi everybody.
I’ve an old android phone hooked up to the printer. When the printer goes idle the only way to reconnect is to force the app close and restart. Any solution?

Have you made certain that the Handy app has been updated. I ask because there was a stability update performed a few months ago. I hadn’t used Handy in nine months and was forced to update in order to get it to connect.

The second issue is that depending on what OS of Android you’re on, have you verified that your OS is supported. Odds are that if it’s 2 or more releases behind the current version, there is no guarantee that the latest apps were tested to that OS version.

Android 8.0, nexus 5x… I believe the app is the last one

Considering that the current version of Android is 14, I’d say that one possibility might be issues related to too old of a version.

Some versions of Android employ an app manager for permissions. Your scenario sounds like an occasion I had whereby the OS flagged the app as only allowing access while active. Did you try to uninstall and reinstall to reset any presets? Or you could look in your settings.

Here’s where it is found in my phones, I’m using Android 11.