Bambulab not shipping orders

So after waiting 10 days for the long AMS cable to get in stock, I ordered one on monday 30.01.

Now it’s friday and I didn’t even receive a message that my order is being packaged or shipped. What’s happening there? Customer service didn’t answer either (also why is the customer service email a „noreply“ email?)

I need the cable urgently :frowning:

Also empty spools are not in stock, long ptfe tubes are not in stock. What is this company doing?

I just think the company is starting to get overwhelmed with orders, everyone is talking about their printers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people get big orders.
In short, too much order and infrastructure can be too small compared to the demand.


On Jan 31st I ordered 2 refill spools of PLA Basic White and still haven’t gotten a shipping notification. The lack of filament refills is a big issue… I was able to get my 6 empty spools delivered at least.

I was told by the support that the cable is now out of stock and it takes a about week to be available again.

I don’t really understand what’s happening there because when I ordered the cable was in stock obviously.

I’m still missing an AMS unit pre-ordered on October 8th and charged on December 6th. It does seem they’re swamped. Had to call AmEx today to dispute the charge and get my money back.

Really bummed that their responses are so slow. @BambuLab is there any plan to resolve this?

The same is happening to me right now when I ordered a “Gold plate” and glue.
They are lying about shipping out their products, when all they are doing on their end is just generating a FedEx Label, it makes it look like the product is being shipped out, but in reality its just generated in fedEx system to look like it is, pretty much the oldest trick in the book, and I am calling them out on it !!!

Don’t lie to your customers BB Labs, you will find yourself without customers or a product if you keep it up, just be honest and admit that you don’t have the staff or products to support the demand, its much better than lying to the public !!!

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Let me get this straight… So you placed your order during the weekend and are super salty because an automatic shipping label was created? Fedx wouldn’t pick up till Monday and your package gets taken to the sorting faculty and is scanned the next morning.

Bambu isn’t lying to you, you just don’t care to understand how ecommerce works.


I’ve seen delays of two to five days between the generation of the shipping label/tracking number and the package actually reaching FedEx on EVERY package I’ve received from Bambu. Weekends slow things up, but they can’t blame the delays only on the weekend. I’ve placed an order on a Tuesday morning, label was created Wednesday afternoon, package was not in the hands of FedEx until late Friday evening.

I don’t see how this consistent delay benefits Bambu in any way, but it is one reason the only orders I place with Bambu are for their proprietary parts.

My wife runs a small business from home and orders received before 3pm are in the hands of the shipper the same day, even on weekends and many holidays. Surely Bambu can do better.

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Instead of taking the time to make support good, its more products that need support. Now that the mini is hitting noobs hands, good luck with support getting better soon.

Is that how international shipping works for global manufactures who have tariffs and must pay taxes on every product they produce? It’s interesting you put your wife’s small mom and pop shop on that same level.

We pay all applicable taxes and ship internationally. I would expect a much larger company with many more employees and resources to be able to get product out the door more quickly than a single senior citizen working out of a basement.

Bambu is the only online retail company I’ve encountered that does not have in-stock items in the hands of the shipper within one business day of the order being placed. It’s very frustrating to receive tracking info and then see that the order remains in a (U.S.) Bambu warehouse for several days. I’ve had this happen on orders shipped from Texas, California, and New Jersey, so it is apparently a company practice, not just one underperforming warehouse.

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I don’t understand why this is frustrating? Can you clarify? Does Bambu claim to ship within a certain time frame?

Yes. “order now:ships tomorrow”

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I ordered the p1s upgrade kit on 10th of October and they haven’t shipped it yet :upside_down_face::grimacing: