Bambulab P2P?

I have the Bambulab P1S. I must say that it’s just AWESOME. But there are still a few things that could be added. Anyway, the P1 series have been up for a long time. It’s good, but old. Not because of its tech is not up to date, it’s just that it’s been simply too long since release. I wonder if Bambu will release a P2P or X2C?

What do you think of the screen?

hmm… I’d say even the A1 has a touchscreen. There are plenty mods out there though

Like what I see Bambu doing is constantly releasing new printer series like the A series, X series, P series. And upgraded versions like A1 not mini, X1E. They release a new printer every year, but there are no new versions like P2P. Anyway, I’d want Bambu to stop expanding so wide and building a variety of printer kinds. What I want is them to build a ecosystem and focus on the 3 series A, X, P, and stop going any further before they’ve gotten every one series at least 2 updates.

keep dreamin’… for BL to survive, given that competitors have picked up BL trend (i.e. check out the increased number of manufacturers releasing 3d printers similar to X1 abd P1 and topping them with AMS copycats for multicolor printing) they need to come up with innovation. What BL needs in order to survive and remain on top , would definitely require them coming up with a real novel printer flagship (i.e. X2 series), or else they will be overwhelmed and overtaken by their competitors…not in the least part, innovation and pricing.