Bamu P1 always clogs when TPU is unloaded

My Bambu P1 always clogs when TPU is unloaded. Printing works fine, loading works fine. But when I want to unload it, it cuts it, I can pull it out and then the gear is clogged so I have to disassemble all.

Why is that? I used TPU with shore 95A.

See the spring. There is a screw at the red arrow. The tension is to high on you extruder. Loosen quarter turn and try. If still jamming… repeat

But there is not that much room, as it would push towards the housing. Or is it really enough do loosen it a bit?

Hi, there’s a thread on this which might be useful for you Constant issues with new P1S jamming - #9 by Geoffree

You have a clear extruder case, where can I get one of those? It would be nice to be able to see the filament like that.

I have the same question, where can I get that?

My cutter does not fully cut TPU. When it pulls back, it does a sort of cold pull which leaves the blob hanging by a partial cut. So far, it’s never jammed but it probably will someday. I don’t know if there is enough throw in the mechanism to add some blue tape on the part of the frame the cutter arm hits to push it just that little bit more or if it will detect the difference and cause it to stop with an error. I should probable inspect the cutter also.

I manually unload TPU using the extruder controls, then manually load PLA and chase it through.

A lot more foolproof in my experience than using the built in load/unload.

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I did now drill a hole as seen in the picture. Had no more clogging!

I was wondering if this would be the best process because my Duramic TPU get stuck in the extruder every other time. When I tear everything apart, I find the same length of filament every time. It’s exactly where the cutter cuts the filament. So bypassing the cutting process might make unloading a more reliable process.

If you refer to the hole I drilled, yes, I had no clogging any more.