BBL Basic PETG and overhangs

Had the printer for about a month; no issues with PLA or Sunlu PETG. I finished my last two rolls of Sunlu and moved on to BBL Basic PETG, and while some things print great, things with overhangs that were fine on the Sunlu using generic profile, look like ■■■■ with BBL on default BBL profile. I am putting the BBL PETG in the filament heater overnight to see if that helps. I wish I hadn’t bought 4 of these to get my discount and just stuck with Sunlu.

I tried tweaking overhangs and bridges. Adjusting temps to meet what I was running Sunlu on (235 vs 255).

I’m also drying out some Sunlu PETG (not black) to try tomorrow with BBL to make sure there isn’t something wrong with the nozzle.

Sunlu PETG

Did you tune your filament profile?

yes, first thing I did since I’ve never used BBL filament.

Not enough Cooling in the Bambu Petg Basic Profile. Change these and try it, please:

This information helped, as well as the above:
PETG finish changes mid print - Bambu Lab P1 Series / Troubleshooting - Bambu Lab Community Forum

Bambu Lab Basic PETG (if you have large overhangs)
Adaptive Cubic Infill
Inner Wall: 80 (Default for .20 Standard for A1M is 300!)
Outer Wall: 60 (Default for .20 Standard for A1M is 200!)
Filament → Cooling: Min: 40, Max 90.
Filament → Temp: 270
Filament → Adjust Flow Ratio (mine is measured at 1.00 vs. .94)

If you don’t have overhangs, you can keep inner wall default of 300 as well as remove the fan speed adjustments above.

For Sunlu PETG: (use Generic PETG profile)
Inner Wall: No changes!
Outer Wall: 75
Generic PETG Setting
Filament → Temp: 235, First Layer 245

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same issue here , will try settings… Thanks :slight_smile: