BBL basic white - z banding/wobble

Hi all,
I have problems with Bambu lab basic white. Flat vertical walls wobble.

First I thought it is a problem with the z-axis as it seemed periodically every 3-4 mm, but its not always at the same height. I tried different temperatures, wall order, slicer, flow and PA values. Plus other colours like basic black and grey do not have this issue. It is hard to capture on a photo as the white is a bit translucent. It is worse then it looks on the photo.

Settings: 220° nozzle, 35° bed, 0.2mm standard with classic walls, 15% rectiliniear infill, outer walls and bridge 160mm/s, no slow down for overhangs

Also, 2 months ago I printed large parts and the vertical surfaces where fine.

Did anyone else have problems of this kind with any Bambu PLA?

Test pieces:

Wobble close up:

Old print without wobble on the right:

So far no luck, I printed 0,08mm layer height. It looked a bit better, but not really.

Next I changed to another spool (probably same batch) with the same result.

Now I ordered white from different companies (Polymaker, eSun). I pray its the filament…

Ideas would be very much apreceated.

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Ok, the white eSun and Polyterra prints are looking fine.

I should be happy I found the problem. But after spending many hours of my time and probably half a kilo of filament on testing, I feel deflated.

Now I have to find a new white PLA, because Bambu is out of stock again. Well, I dont trust their filament anymore anyway.

Polymaker is a bit to chalky and eSun a bit to transparent. I guess this is going to be a new topic in this forum :slight_smile:

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One more bit of info. I think I ordered the problematic filament at the beginning of March in the EU shop.

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Try sunlu white meta

Specifically designed for high speed printing. High flow, and very, very consistent. I like Esun too, but it’s about 30% more after all the discounts you can get.

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I appreciate it’s been several months but which profile did you use for the eSun?
I have similar issues with being unable to get flat white outer walls!

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Try a different filament (colour/brand) and see if it shows the same problems.

In my case it was a faulty batch, where (in my opinion) the diameter of the filament varied. This lead to over/underextrusion creating something looking like a z-wobble.

I print Esun PLA+ white and gray with same settings as Bambu filament. I only adjust PA and flow per filament, which is not necessary, if you use a X1 and Lidar.

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I’m noticing some similar issues - sudden banding of white filament , but prints fine in black. The material is Inland PLA+ (MIcroCenter), but I happen to notice the new problem material is made in Vietnam, while the previous material was made in China. Not sure if that matters, but it clearly comes from different sources. Anyway, I just ordered some ESun so we’ll see how that goes.

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Thanks for posting this information. I just tried the ESun material and it is working much better. I still can’t figure out what causes these lines and how changing material seems to fix the problem.

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Consistency of the filament diameter is what I would think is the reason.