Be able to view other people's live streams within Handy

Personally getting the live stream feature isn’t very intuitive me for. It would be really cool if in the Handy app (and even Bambu Studio) there was a tab that was sort of a social network where you could subscribe to other Bambu Lab users’ feeds. But it does all the hard work for you of setting it up. Like a simple Search for User > Follow.

Also if you like what they’re printing you can request the STL or gcode right there and send it to your printer if they allow you to. Like a “share your print” option you opt in to.

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Kind of like Tinkercad, but for printing.

I think it would be hilarious if they also allowed a live comment section. Just think of all the ridicule and questioning of settings you would receive for every print. :laughing:

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Yeah I would want to turn comments off, haha. I see it as a very simple stream sharing network. Maybe if you start to message each other it routes you to this forum. Although I wonder if it would help with diagnosing print issues. Like even if you could connect to Bambu support and you can give them access to your camera (if they don’t already have it :slight_smile:) and also access to your live printer settings like bed/extruded temp, which plate you’re using, fan speeds, etc.

I think there’s something here but I often have terrible ideas.


I don’t think this is one of them. It would be a tremendous community troubleshooting tool. Though for Bambu’s participation, I imagine they will need to grow their Customer Support staff considerably.


‘Is that a DICKSHELF!?’

I’m not sure I’d want my newbie prints out in the wild. But, being able to share on a community forum and restrict to family & friends, at least the live feed, would be beneficial. I’m trying to get my nieces & nephews motivated for math & sciences by offering up me printing their designs in their choice of CADs.

Would be great to have classrooms of younger students send printer owners their designs and we can queue it up, share the feed, and go back to our remote jobs while the students get to spend the morning/afternoon checking in on their creation.