Bed leveling issues

I have been printing for months with no problem. Then I started getting that the force sensor 1 was low. So I replaced it and then started getting that the force sensor 3 was low so I replaced this one. Now I am getting several error messages (Mesh bed leveling failed, or homing z axis failed, or both the force sensor 1 and 3 are low) and it is stopping the machine. Any ideas?

Document everything and submit a support request ticket to BL (not that, based of many negative experiences posted on this forum by plenty of users in relation with how BL has responded to the submitted tickets, you might expect a prompt and satisfactory resolution - yet, who knows, you may be lucky). Eventually BL might propose replacing the defective parts or even replace the whole printer.

the bed may not be levelled correctly using the screws. this could cause it to warp, which could produce such errors. When levelling the bed, set the screws to the starting position (Wiki). Do not turn only one screw on one side until the distance to the print bed is correct (the printer moves to different reference points for manual levelling), but only turn each screw minimally and in turn, one point at a time, until the desired bed distance to the nozzle is achieved. You will need to be patient, as this is not really easy to do.

Check the bearings on both guide rails. If something gets down in their wells it can push up the bearings when the plate is lowered all the way. Just had this issue. The bearing can be pushed back into place.

My problem with submitting a support ticket is it always wants to know my order number but I bought this as a kickstarter so I never got an order number. Anyone else have this problem.

Are Kickstarter units still covered under warranty?