Beginner's question: AMS lite sold separately?

It’s really cool that the A1 mini can be bough without the combo. As an absolutely beginner I was thinking of starting like that and if all goes well I would upgrade by adding the AMS lite. But it seems that the AMS lite cannot be purchased separately.

Can someone from Bambu Lab comment on whether and when the AMS lite can be bought separately?

(Yes, I understand that buying things separately may end up being more expensive than buying the combo.)

The Combo was Pre-Order in Oct.
A1 Mini is on Pre-Order now.
AMS has no date as of yet.

I believe the AMS Lite is supposed to be available separately once the initial demand for the combo is fulfilled. All the introductory reviews include a statement like this:
“The A1 mini and AMS lite are now up for preorder on Bambu Lab’s webstore, where you can also find full specs and technical information about both products. Bambu Lab says shipping will begin in mid-October. A combo package of the A1 mini and AMS lite is priced at $459, although they can also be purchased separately at $299 and $249, respectively.

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Thanks. I had missed this in the news.