Best dissolvable support material for PETG


I’d like to print PETG with AMS and looking for a suitable support material.

It seems PVA is not supported, there are also some issues with HIPS.

Maybe someone knows which material(s) is the best for the purpose?

It would be great if it’s dissolvable in either water or D-Limonen.

Provided you don’t have to remove supports from some place on the model that is inaccessible, PLA works beautifully as support material for PTEG. The two plastics don’t stick to each other at all.

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It is true that PLA works beautifully as a support material, provided some tuning of Top Z Distance and Bottom Z Distance and some other things is done. And provided that a great deal of purging of PLA support material from the nozzle on every switch back to PET-G. But there is a price. Your nozzle will rapidly become blocked with overheated PLA residues (‘crystallisation’ is the term used in the Bambu X1 warning message) which is costly and makes print reliability unacceptable except for the most high value prints.
I had hoped that reducing the PET-G print temperatures to reduce the temperature disparity between the two materials might cure this. But I have not seen a stable/reliable set of settings for these.

While my discovery was a mistake, it turns out that Nylon/PA works as a support for PETG or vice-a-versa. I thought I was using ASA for supports for Nylon but I grabbed a PETG roll without realizing. I made a half dozen prints before I realized. Since PETG works to support Nylon, Nylon will work to support PETG.