Best MC board fan design?

My MC board fan finally went out and I purchased a new one but remembered about the Noctua fan upgrade you can do and decided to switch to that. From my own unscientific testing and online research, they both appear to give out the same amount of air so I don’t think there will be any issues with the swap. My question to any of you who have done this switch is what design is the best and most efficient? Currently, I am planning on using this one ( Printables) but when doing a test run I noticed that not a lot of air came out of the side vents for cooling the rest of the board. So im just asking to see what other people decided to use. Thanks!

Curious is there a reason the fan needs changed?

I think the main reasons would be that it lasts longer, deals with heat better, quieter but I didn’t think the original was all that loud to begin with. The positioning of the original fan has shown to not be as effective as having the fan cooling the heatsink and surrounding area directly.

I haven’t had mine apart but I do agree the fan should blow on the heatsink.

If you look at the original position of the fan it’s mounted directly onto the side panel wall so I’m not entirely sure how it grabs air since there’s no room for the fan to pull air from. That’s one of the main reasons I would want to switch it

I like this one because it puts the fan close to the rear cover. Cool air vs the warm air recirculating. And it also doesnt sit on the heatsink, acting as an insulator. I also used the noctua fan.

I was looking at the one as well, i ended up printing this one though. seemed the easiest as it just goes on the heatsink Printables

@edzill Thats a nice one too. I like the side exits. That one only sits on the ends of the fins because of the side exits too. Very nice find.

Ya I looked at a bunch and this one seemed to be very well thought out and appears to have good coverage