Best way to transfer filament from other manufactures to Bambu spools?

This looks interesting. What is your website to build this?

After I saw this discussion, I clicked your link than looked around some more and found an amazing one that also has a mechanism that makes the filament move side to side to evenly wind the spool. In one of his videos, he uses a drill to control the winder.

I have the system that my predecessors wrote and am very happy with it, I use a Bosch Ixo as a drive. I designed a sleeve for the Bambulab spool, if you are interested you are welcome to download it.

Makerworld link for sleeve:

My video:

Spool sleeve

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Do you have a link to the stl files by chance would love to build this for my use.


He has what you need. He also has links to the parts that you need from the original design, to go with his upgraded designs.

I am printing/building Damian’s upgraded version as we speak it looked the best and I liked the usage of extrusion not sure if I will do the motor option or not.

I was NOT happy with the other one I decided to go with made by V3 I think it is.

Then I found this today!
Cardboard Spool Adapter for Bambu Lab AMS by 3D Pew - MakerWorld

Now it didn’t quite work for Overture’s cardboard so I reached out to the designer and he made a more narrow version that I will print/test tomorrow. But if this works oh man is it going to save me a lot of time.


I also think the spool adapters are the way to go. I use the PolyMaker ones (model by polymaker) and California Filaments one I made. They need to have a rim and fit snugly into the hub and then they work great, although some end up needing a weight in the hub when the spool reaches the end. It’s a bit of a pain to have the adapters floating around, but having a few for frequently used brands and a couple “generic screw on ones” is not too bad…

I found most of the spool winders complex, bulky and intimidating, and needing lots of parts like threaded inserts etc. Instead, I spent lots of time printing and trying various spool brims and adapters, none of which worked well.

After that I found the previously mentioned Pastamatic spool winder, printed it in a day and just had to buy some generic 608 bearings. Works like a charm. It is simple and work great, though I wouldn’t use it to respool tens of spools a day in a print farm and it is tuned for the original Bambu spools (which suits me just fine). So if you just need to respool something for home use, print that and don’t waste time with brims and adapters.

Would you even consider making and selling me one of these? I really like your engineering skills, and would like to buy a complete unit from you. DM me if you’d consider it !

Where can i get the file for the spooler? I have looked but cant find it. Says it will be on your web site but dont know what that is


I used pastamatic several times, now I learned the correct winding speed and 0 problems. Even with the first attempt with too much speed the spool was not so nice but was functioning

The best and most importantly easiest solution I’ve found was the Pastamatic: Pastamatic Filament Spool Winder for Bambu X1C/P1P AMS (level winder with self reversing leadscrew) Remixed by GekoPrime - MakerWorld

You can bulk order the bearings off amazon for super cheap. I use this all the time and transfer my Prusa Galaxy Black and Azure Blue (my 2 fav colors) to empty Bambu spools all the time. Now if we could only get custom RFID tags to store that data!

Weird question I’ve wanted to ask but been too afraid. Do you recommend “double” respooling? IE taking the filament from one spool, then putting it onto the desired spool? Idea being the filament has a tension or shape, and one respool would make it weird.

Just something I read, not sure if it was a troll or not

@toasty Not weird, the theory has some merit but any issues coming from the respooling process (one-way) is when the filament is “moist” and becomes brittle. My respool regiment is to dry the spooled filament before vac sealing with desiccant (or loading into the printer).

I have used the Pastamatic for months now transferring almost all non Bambu filaments over to spare Bambu spools with almost perfect success. Just don’t run the transfer too fast to make the filament too tight on the spools. Slow and steady wins the race every time.

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I personally love how the Bambi spools look, and their functionality, all of their spools allow you to see exactly how much filament you have left.

You just saved me time and filament doing this, works perfectly…THANK YOU!!!

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Adam Savaqge found a model that works and by which you can print all of the parts in a single pass on just one X1C build plate.

I split mine into material and coloured plates, the second pasta I made just recently with motor mod is sweet.