Best way to transfer filament from other manufactures to Bambu spools?


using the original Bambu filaments with the AMS is very convenient, but rainbow or transparent filaments aren’t offered yet, so you have to use filament from other manufacturers. I now got such a filament-spool which seem to fit somehow into the AMS, but during printing I got messages telling me that the filament couldn’t get feeded correctly to the printer or that the AMS-motors are overloaded.

I assume that the spool doesn’t really fit. So the idea is to put this filament on a self-printed spool for the AMS.

The question is: How can I transfer the filament to that spool without letting the filament rolled off or being spilled through the whole room? :wink: When using refill Bambu-filament, you get the 4 plastic-stripes holding the filament together till the spool is closed. So are there any good ideas on how to transfer other filaments to the new spool?


I use this:

Printable spool with little filament usage:


If the original spool is cardboard, you can pull the sides off one at a time then use the spool mentioned above or any other version of reusable spool. The above is touted as using less filament, I’ve printed 3 sets and they’ve worked fine for me. I’ve transferred 3 or 4 spools this way so far. Pull one side off, while taking care to not let it uncoil, slide in the hub of the reusable spool into the cardboard hub and while holding things together, flip it over. Now pull the other side off, put the other side of the reusable spool in and turn it to lock. I wouldn’t worry about the cardboard hub not fitting perfectly but there are shims you can print if it seems excessive.


The simplest! Like this Printables :slight_smile:
or this: Drill to Filament Spool / Reel Adapter by rwmech - Thingiverse
or this: Winding a 3D Printing Filament Spool with Junk Drawer Parts - YouTube
HINT: hold the filament through the ptfe tube

Whichever way go you - when you respool the filament keep always some tension and try to do it as clean as possible, otherwise the filament gets easily stuck on the spool itself when the AMS is feeding/pulling the filament.


And for cardboard just…stick insulating tape on the edge :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for the good and creative ideas! Have to do some experiments now :wink:


Obviously if it already on a plastic spool you’re golden
Otherwise you could do what I do


Masking tape works great for me

It’s cheap, comes off easily and best of all works for what I’m doing

I transfer every one of my cardboard spools to the plastic 2 piece spools mostly because I don’t want cardboard dust in my AMS


You can just skip the tape. Peel off one side of the cardboard, carefully put half of the plastic two-part spool in, flip it over, peel off the other cardboard, and close the plastic spool.

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The tape is just to keep the filament wound tightly so the fitment onto the male end of the spool can be adjusted

So far every cardboard spool I’ve transfered needed tape on the male end for a tight fit, adjusting that fitment is much easier when you can let go of the loose filament :grimacing:


I purchased the Filament respooling station from Print Dry. Just got it yesterday. I’ll share my experience with you guys once i get it up and running.

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i have made a spool winder, pic is version 2.0, my current is version 5.2, so now i got the bugs out and works flawless, the new version also have nut and bolt holder so NO tools required, i printed all in ABS, except for the spool spacers they are TPU. this is one sturdy spool winder.

This works great when you have a bad spool or want to split a roll into 2 or more rolls for printing on several printer at once with same colors or even transfer from a cardboard spool it hold smaller rolls to transfer to large spools to use in AMS.
it is fast i can transfer a full 1kg roll in under a minute.

motor $25., Controller $15., Belt $6., 2-20x40 extrusion tube $19., Dewalt battery holder $10., 4-8x22 bearings all bought from amazon, misc…5mm allen bolts and T-nuts, nuts and bolt (8mm or 5/16 work)

I will be posting these on my web site with printable files and parts list for parts needed…
if anyone wants them just let me know…the download as always will be free.just print parts and buy what you need to build your own…all printable part will be simple STL files so you can mod anything you want to fit your needs. i should have the files online to download in a day or two.

the newest version can run on a a/c adapter or be set up to run using a cordless battery (Dewalt 20v) the motor is 12/24 volts so on 12v it about 3,500 rpms on 20v it just under 7,000 rpms

depending how you would choose to build yours and options you include the cost for a simple build it $60 for need parts, if you do it so you can use both a/c or battery the cost is about $90…

after printing many others on line with hand cranks and using a drill… some worked better than nothing, but i wanted a tool that really was a tool, not flimsy and really works like we all want… it not free to make as you need to buy parts but if you want something that truly works. this is a one time build

PICTURES show basic concept, newest version is simialar, angled spool holders, tooless nuts for spools solid printed bracket for motor, TPU spool alignment spacer for spool


I’m in the middle of printing this:

Bambu Lab P1 / X1 / X1C / X1CC Filament Spool Switcher & Winder if you use AMS

Just make sure you print the “heavy load” parts separately and with the stronger, recommended settings.


For Polymaker and Duramic cardboard spools I use this solution form Printables.
Polymaker and Duramic Cardboard Spool Adapter by 3Designforlife | Download free STL model |

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I printed this one and use it as well. Super easy to do, AND cool to build.
It’s not for everyone - if you have zero mechanical inclination or skill, the minor adjustments that may be needed just at the time of assembly - can seem daunting.

I printed mine out of PLA
2 pointers: (1) I used a small dab of silicone grease in the U shaped spool holder slot. Reduces heat induced plastic melt. (2) I printed a small cap to squeeze over the top of both sides of the U shape spool holder towers - on the geared side of the winder - to prevent the heavy spool from climbing up when slowing down at the end of a wind… the weight of the spool and associated inertia causes the spool to climb, if you try to slow down too abruptly.



I printed it also! I’m very pleased with it. The only problem is that I used PLA and I doubt it will hold up to heavy use.

I did the axels in ABS, the rest PLA. I use a little grease to prevent the friction from heating up the hubs - works great!

Hey sorry yo pull this from the past. Did you ever publish the bill of materials and stl for the mounts? I am about to build something like this and am way too lazy

Use this one: Printables

You just need to buy bearings.

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