Beta Studio V1.8 Beta 2 - question on custom filament method?

Hi all,
Anyone, or Bambu employes, whom are testing Studio Beta with Custom filaments, I am trying to understand the idea behind custom filaments design … before doing more testing and posting bug reports that might be wrong… because my understanding of how its meant to work, is just wrong.

So Is the idea that
1. Single “Master” filament VENDOR and TYPE only
Eg SunLu - PLA + - then create custom presets- with different atrributes, like colour, temps etc.

Example - ORANGE box


Issue - your stuck with the ‘Master’ - SunLu PLA + @ Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Yada yada ABCD-Z name :stuck_out_tongue:


2. Filament ‘saved’ for each unique possible variation
Eg Vendor, type, colour, temp setup is its own “master” filament independant of others - but you can add customised presets for certain aspects you prefer eg nozzles.

Example - Red box


Currenly, in EITHER method - you still cannot create the “Master” filament and then try to resave as a “Master” in its own right, eg “SunLu PLA + Green - BBL X1C 0.4” - without it being tied to the wizard created intial long winded name - eg SunLu PLA + @ Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Yada yada ABCD-Z super long name :stuck_out_tongue:

Same inherited preset issue whether you delete in the Preset screen - or try and delete the parent filament etc.

I have posted some bugs -but now thing I may have this backward and my understanding is wrong? I have tried both ways, and both have issues - so whats the intended design here?

I guess my questionn might be TLDR?
Anyone got clarity for me ? How is it indended to work?

I agree, Bambu really needs to provide some explanation for this feature. How can beta users tell if it is working as intended if we do not know how it is expected to work?

All I can say right now is that there needs to be an automated way to convert existing User presets and there needs to be more user control of the names. I do not need the printer and nozzle listed for every preset. I have one printer and rarely use anything other than the 0.4 nozzle.

Also, I don’t like the order used for naming, as mt first priority is filament material, then color, and the brand will usually be whatever I have that matches the first two requirements. Scrolling through each brand to see which ones I have of a particular material is very inefficient.

agree to customising names, however I have a different ‘standard’ as well… so thus the need for Bambu to program it to be “user choice”.

The name you chose in Filament list, in your drop downs in slicer should be your own choice - I assume that they will still need to
a) have a sort order (alphabetical?)
b) have their “system” presets including vendors, but they can be disabled\renamed etc.
c) for the love of all… remove the annnoy as F super long system preset names like xxxxxx @ Bambu Lab X1 Carbonm . 0.04 nozzle blah blah …
d) Or even … have it configurable 'sort order’0, by Material,or by Vendor etc yada yada in preferences…and that changes the layout you see in all filament drop downs etc.

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Next BETA is out - fixes my issues and also a workaround i needed for custom filament specially restricting options for ease of use for a niche use-case.

Github info

Next Beta - 1.8.0 Public beta 3 \ Version