Beta Testers for X1/X1c Private Beta

Hey, it’s getting close to time to push out new firmware for the X1/X1c. We need more ‘private’ beta testers. This is the group that tests the firmware and communicates it via a private area on our Bambu lab forum. If you are interested fill out this form and submit it, you may be selected to participate in this private beta. After this private beta tests it and it’s feeling stable, we will then push it to those who signed up for our public beta via Bambu Handy. After they have time with it, it will go to the public as a normal release. Signup Closed


I would glady be a beta tester but I do not have a Bambu Labs 3D printer I would love to have one to review though as I have heard that they are fantastic printers.


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Will the beta work with x1plus?

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No, X1+ requires firmware “R”, which is version 1.06.

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How is what i said funny.

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No, the X1+ Team will have to pull the beta them self and implement their changes to work with the newer version. Maybe, they will release a beta on their system.
But due to the private nature of the private beta group, I would not expect anything before BambuLab will make their version publicly available.


The beta offer is for X1 owners to try the firmware on their machines, not an offer to non-owners to test an entire printer.


how does the beta firmware come? by OTA? or manually by user ?

Is it reversible if I encounter big problems? I only have one printer, I would like to help but I need my printer and a big breakdown will cause me big problems

You will be able to downgrade to the non-beta version at any time. (Or as long your printer is connected to the internet)

However, if you rely on only one printer for business or any time-sensitive project, I advise you to stay on the public version, as nobody can guarantee that everything will run smoothly.

If you are super interested, you could try it after others have tested it for a week or two.


I’m willing to participate to your private beta.

I would be happy to be a private beta tester with my X1Cs

I would like to join as well

I want to be a part of this beta test group

Is there also a beta test for the bambulab a1?

Hi , as new owner of the X1C and 3D printing in general I would love to contribute to the beta tests. Where to start ?

It’s in the main post.

I might be missing something, but how would you be able to be a beta tester, unless you think they are going to send you a free printer to test with. If that was the case we would all gladly be beta testers.

Lol, people always trying to get free stuff :man_facepalming:

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