Beta Testing Opportunity

We have a new Beta testing opportunity for everyone. We are preparing a firmware update for the X1 Series and the P1 Series so we are seeking testers for both series. Please choose the right survey for the printer you have. And if you have both kinds, fill it out for both kinds.


202309 Bambu Lab Beta Testing Program For X1 Series


202309 Bambu Lab Beta Testing Program For P1 Series

Let us make sure the new firmware comes out bug-free.


If we’re already a part of the beta, do we have to fill the survey out again?


Hopefully I get in this time lol pls

same question. If we tested the last firmware do we need to enroll again? @SirWill

No you Are in for all time

Hi, I am an Italian user who owns x1c and ams and would like to be a beta tester for the new firmware but I can’t access the questionnaire, is there another way to do it.

The links don’t seem to be opening the form or application to register?

It downloads an app that doesn’t seem possible to register from the United Kingdom.

It’s been 10 days since this was posted. They probably already have all they need to test the beta. Better luck next time.

typically they’d update the post to say closed