Better BL presets for different nozzle size?

0.4 BBL presets print almost perfect, but 0.6 BBL presets need a lot of work still. It seems only 0.4 presets are fully tuned and tested. Is there a users contributed presets for other nozzle size beside 0.4?

I’m using BL filaments and presets.

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I saw this yetserday too when upgraded to 0.6 Nozzle. what a mess.
the x1 and x1c presets are making problems.

i would think p1s presets, if here are some, could work :thinking:

I’m seeing this issue not only with the X1 presets but with the A1 presets as well.
On the A1 Presets, practically every parameter for the .2, .6 and .8 nozzles is exactly the same! How can that possibly be?

This was not an issue at all with my MK3S+ and PrusaSlicer.

Bigtime dropping of the ball here, Bambu!
Get some people on this!